7 Things That Only Happen In Rom Coms Because Life Isn’t Fair

Romantic comedies are basically Disney movies with less royalty and more sex scenes. They are everything we desperately want and will never have. So, we make boys watch in agony for hours in hopes of them attaining the persona of our favorite male characters. This isn’t a proven method, but I think with the right amount of fellatio it could work.

1. He comes back for you.

Only in rom coms can a man get friend-zoned for over 20 years, get pushed aside while the girl he loves dates literally everyone but him, and get a door slammed in his face before he comes back to tell her he wants to have babies with her. And only in rom coms does this man look like Ryan Reynolds. The only ones coming back for me are creepy guys at last call.

2. He will do anything to get you.

I once thought it was romantic when a boy brought me a coffee while I was studying. He even brought the little sugar packets and no-calorie ones even though I “didn’t need them.” Talk about doing anything to get the girl, amirite? But rom coms take it to a whole new level. Getting the girl can take countless attempts of asking her to have a simple meal with you, studying what she likes to impress her, the guy’s own best friend risking his life just so he can talk to her, and, scariest of all, dealing with her dad.

3. Rain makes everything more romantic.

I once got a single snowflake in my eye and it ruined my winged liner for the entire day. Let’s not even get started on what I look like in the rain. It’s just a fact: water, hair, and makeup just do not go well together. This is, of course, unless you’re in an intense kissing scene with Ryan Gosling and your outfit is perfectly bordering between classy and see-through.

4. He’s there exactly when you need him.

If we all lived inside a rom com, we’d all have boyfriends and they’d be stuck up our butts 99 percent of the time. Because, let’s be real, no one ever wants to go through anything alone. I’m always going through a struggle, and I always wish he was there to hug me, tell me it’s okay, and play with my hair until I fall asleep.

5. He just gets her.

Rom coms are great for taking the most polar opposite of characters and making them fall in love. The jock and the art nerd, the cowboy and the city girl, the “bad guy” and the “good girl.” Maybe that’s why we all want the wrong type of guy. You think that somehow he’ll realize deep down he’s just like you, and only you can bring out the best in him. In reality, even the guys we date from the same schools and same majors for years still don’t “get” us. It’s more like they’ve just learned to deal with us.

6. He doesn’t care that you’re crazy.

I’ll admit it—girls are crazy sometimes. We obsess, we throw fits, we Facebook stalk, we’ve figured out how to turn simple phone features into bitchy moves, and we sneakily check his phone when he leaves the room. This usually drives away potential suitors and even mediocre casual sex partners, but, in rom coms, what doesn’t drive him crazy only makes him love you more. Imagine the amount of happy endings if only guys could love us despite our crazy.

7. Everything works out in the end.

What about the endings where the guy sucks and his new girlfriend is an actual model? Oh, that’s right. We don’t need to watch that because that’s our actual lives. Ain’t love grand?

But it’s fine. I’m like, really happy for them.

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