7 Uses For Tinder Other Than Finding Your Next Hookup


People have mixed opinions about Tinder. Some think of it as weekly entertainment while others have sworn it off as a reputation crusher. Nobody wants to be that girl who banged a guy from Tinder, even if most of us are. The truth is whether you use the app to find a quick bang or your next FWB, your friends will definitely be feeling some type of way about it. Avoid the negative criticism by keeping your Tinder life secret or using it for completely different reasons altogether.

1. To figure out how hot you are.

A lot can be determined from the guys you match with. If you find yourself getting a ton of matches, maybe you’re hotter than you think and can raise your standards. On the contrary, if you find yourself only getting a few matches, you’re clearly not the babe you think you are. Take a couple steps down from your pedestal and start being realistic. The matches don’t lie.

2. To practice small talk for when it really matters.

Get yourself a collection of new matches and try your hardest to have genuine conversations. Don’t worry about where they’ll lead. There are no expectations thanks to the power of ghosting. Just practice how to have a conversation with the male species without being boring or getting bored. Be yourself and if that sucks, be better.

3. To let your inner judgmental bitch free.

What’s better than people watching and judging from the comfort of your own bed. Before abruptly swiping left, call out this man you haven’t met on the shirt he’s wearing that clearly is still from high school and the weird pose he’s making. Comment on whether or not he looks sober in the picture. Or maybe he always looks like that. Judging people you don’t know is a great release for all that bitchiness you’ve got stored up and it’s a much safer alternative to judging people you do know.

4. To find your type.

If you’ve been swiping right on only potential suitors, take a look at your matches and generalize them. Are they all jocks? Do they all have similar buzz cuts? Are they all over 6′? Are they all rocking good Insta games? There will undoubtedly be some sort of bond between all these men. Quite often you don’t know the type of guy you want until a bunch of them are right in front of your face. This will help you figure out what you want when you’re trying to meet guys in ~real life.~

5. To feel great about yourself.

Take a swing at swiping a little below your standards. They guys that you match with will be stoked to be messaging such a dime. They’ll send you non-stop compliments and any self-doubt you had about your chubby cheeks or big nose in the mirror that morning will instantly vanish. To these guys, you’re practically a model and damn does it feel good that someone finally appreciates that.

6. To entertain yourself via a drinking game.

The rules are simple: drink every time a guy takes a shirtless selfie, brags about his dog in his bio, says he “isn’t looking for anything serious,” compliments your extremely basic eyes, has a picture with a baby or his mom. Take a shot every time a guy has a picture holding a fish. Seriously, what is up with that. No one is being turned on by you holding that gross, scaly thing.

7. To find your future hubby.

A girl can dream, right?

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