8 Reasons Staying Home For Spring Break Is Not That Bad, And Maybe Kind Of Awesome

8 Reasons Staying Home For Spring Break Is Not That Bad, And Maybe Kind Of Awesome

Spring break has always been a time when college students get a taste of summer by flying south for a week and drinking everything they can get their hands on. It’s usually pretty expensive. For others, it’s not their scene. So while we live vicariously through the Snapchats of those sloshed and scantily clad, we can revel in the fact that staying home for spring break is awesome.

1. You Actually Kinda Miss Your Family
You hate to admit it, but you miss your sister stealing your clothes and your mom asking you 112 questions, even if you’re just going upstairs. It’s nice to spend quality time with your family, and then getting to leave before you get sick of them. Blood is thicker than water, but definitely not thicker than your racist grandpa’s skull. Just let him rant, you only see him once every few months.

2. You Don’t Need A Spring Break Body
You don’t have anyone to impress (including your hometown hookup, see below), so why stress? You can enjoy your time off instead of worrying about what you look like. Plus, you can forgive yourself for all those late night study snacks. Midterms are a bitch. You deserve that whole sleeve of Oreos.

3. Your House Is All-Inclusive
You can eat and drink anything you want, and you might even get laundry service. Wake up at any hour you wish with absolutely no expectations for the day. Saunter down to the kitchen and grab the first thing that catches your eye. Cold pizza for breakfast? Absolutely! Live your authentic life! Head back to your room, put on your favorite high school t-shirt, leave your dirty clothes strewn about, and park your ass on the couch. Get up only for nourishment and bathroom trips. It is the height of luxury.

4. You Can Hang With Your Homies
Your high school friends shaped you into the young adult that you are today. They have been there for you through the awkward times and they still are. There’s something comforting about sitting around with your OG friends, hearing about all their new experiences, and shit talking about all the girls from your high school who got super fat.

5. Bring The Party To You
If you live somewhere cool, make friends from school come visit you. Seeing your town through a visitor’s eyes gives you a whole new outlook. Take them to your favorite restaurant, drive them past your favorite places, and have them meet your homies. Give them faces for the names that you read to them when your high school group chat is putting out some great material.

6. Vacation For You Liver
Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. We all drink more than the average bear. In fact, we’ve played that bear in flip cup and he sucks. So maybe it’s a good thing that we don’t drink poison for a week or so. Especially if you go to a state school. You guys are insane.

7. Hometown Hookup
One of the dangers of spring break is the spreading of STDs. But if you’re trying to get laid without the risk, call up your trusty hometown hookup. You guys have been doing this since you were teenagers, so a quick shave and a mint for courtesy is all you need. He knows what you like, which makes for smooth transitions, and he knows what you don’t like, which means he is less likely to push your head down. Sometimes it’s good to have some predictability in your life.

8. You Deserve A Break
No matter how hard you’ve actually been studying this semester, you told your mom it’s a lot, which means you can be a lazy sack of human flesh without feeling any guilt. And in the end, that’s what spring break is all about.

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