8 Reasons Vodka Is The Best Liquor

vodka is the best liquor

Whether it’s bottom shelf Burnett’s or top shelf Grey Goose, vodka is always the answer. It’s the most versatile in taste, price, and mixability. For most of you, it was probably your coming of age alcohol and to this day it’s still what influences your most questionable decisions. If you ever find yourself wandering the aisles of the liquor store, wondering what would best fuel your night, wonder no more. These are the reasons it should always be vodka.

1. It’s easily mixed with anything you have on hand.
Be it orange juice, Gatorade, lemonade, Koolaid, Diet Coke, or whatever, vodka mixes well with everything. It doesn’t taste half bad and gets the job done quick. If you’re really desperate and not willing to show up sober to a party, a vodka water will do. Just don’t forget the ice. A cool drink always tastes better.

2. It comes in such a variety of flavors.
Strawberry. Raspberry. Lemon. Lime. Lemon-lime. Vanilla. Cake. Marshmallow. Passion fruit. Pomegranate. Plum. Mango. Green apple. I could go on. But first, let’s talk about the fact that they actually make jalapeño flavored vodka. I’d probably avoid that one.

3. It’s the “healthiest” alcohol you can drink.
Multiple sources have done multiple studies and proven a whole lot of good that vodka can do for your body. I won’t bore you with the details because you can find them for yourself, but basically, it decreases your risk for a bunch of diseases. Oh, and it makes you beautiful, and not just because your drunk alter ego thinks so.

4. It’s actually not bad tasting.
Vodka is hands down the easiest shot to take without wanting to immediately upchuck the contents of your stomach. Sure, there are psychos out there who think rum or tequila are the best shots, but they’re wrong. Much like vodka can be mixed with anything, it can also be chased with anything at all. Or if you’re a badass, nothing at all.

5. All the classic drinks are made with vodka.
Vodka-cran. Screwdrivers. Cosmopolitans. Sex on the beach. Bloody Marys. Long Island iced teas. Vodka Redbulls. Imagine if vodka didn’t exist and we didn’t have any of these essential drinks. That is not a world I would want to live in.

6. You can watch your calories and still get absolutely drunk.
A basic shot of vodka is like 100 calories, so choose a mixer that has zero calories and you’re basically going to lose weight. If you’re at home, try mixing straight vodka with a Crystal Light packet. It’s the quickest and most calorie efficient way to get the exact drunk you want to be. If you’re at the bar, just have the bartender add a nice lime or lemon wedge to your vodka. This way you’ll also get your daily serving of fruit.

7. It can be easily concealed.
Sneaking vodka into concerts, chapter, you name it, is no problem at all. Its close resemblance to water is its greatest gift to us. Just pour half the bottle into your tumbler of choice and neither security nor standards will have anything on you.

8. Vodka sodas.
Need I say more?

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Blackout_B (@b_m4rie) enjoys drinking beer by the gallon and making memories she'll never actually remember. When she isn't embarrassing herself by making out with randos on the dance floor, you can find her pretending it's normal to drink a glass of wine with breakfast every day. It's fun to sit down with her on Sunday mornings and hear how fucked up her weekend was.

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