8 Reasons Why Your Go-To Drinking Partner Is Probably Your Soul Mate


Your soul mate doesn’t always have to be someone you share romantic feelings with. To me, a soul mate is someone who puts up with your shit, knows you like the back of their hand, and someone who also shares an affinity for the taste of cheap alcohol on a Saturday night. This is why I believe your go-to drinking partner is your true soul mate.

1. They Have Seen You At Your Absolute Worst
They stuck by your side through it all. They’ve seen you through your drunken bitch moments, the moments where you ditch them to talk to a cute guy, the moments where you embarrassingly interrupted them talking to a cute guy and stopping you from fighting any person that looked at you funny. They’ve seen you eat shit and die for multiple weekends at a time and yet, they still continue to be your go-to boozer buddy.

2. They Leave the Party Early To Help You, Even When It Means Ruining Their Night
Even though you both start the night drinking together, there is always the possibility of one of you getting much drunker than the other at a much faster pace. Of course they would rather be partying and scoping out potential hookups with their BFF drinking pal, but sometimes they have to be your babysitter. Sure, their night wasn’t as fun as they expected but their go-to party friend didn’t end up puking in a ditch and sleeping outside, so it was worth it.

3. They Know Your Limit Better Than You Do
After drinking with this person every weekend for awhile, they know what you can handle when it comes to alcohol, and vice versa. They know for sure if you are capable of taking that shot of tequila, even if you think you’re “totallllly fine!” We are all stubborn drunks. We think we can handle more than what is realistic and that is often what leads us to the toilet at the end of the night. But when your drinking partner knows your limits better than you, you can drink responsibly and actually enjoy the party, instead of vomming into a disgusting fraternity toilet.

4. They Hold Your Hair Back
There are some nights where your designated drinking buddy doesn’t fully succeed at knowing your limits and you get sick. This could be because of many reasons: they weren’t very good at keeping you at your limit, they got distracted, or you were so annoyingly stubborn they let you do whatever you want. So even though it is most likely your fault that you are head first in a toilet, your go-to drinking partner is right behind you, holding your hair back and wiping the vomit from your mouth. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

5. They Take Care Of You
They make you food, give you water and tuck you into bed at the end of a long night of drinking. They want you to be safe and happy (as happy as a drunk girl who just threw up could possibly be). They make sure the hangover you have the next morning isn’t bad enough to make your swear that you’ll “never drink again.” They don’t want to lose their permanent drinking buddy, of course.

6. They Stop You From Making Terrible Mistakes
“No, don’t text your ex.”
“It’s probably not a good idea to dance on the table in 5-inch heels.”
“You shouldn’t go home with that guy, you’ll regret it tomorrow.”

These are all things you can thank your drinking buddy for saying to your drunken unreasonable ass. They are your conscience when yours is too drunk to see what a bad idea is. Even though they are probably just as drunk as you, they are peering into your situations through a different window. They see the outcomes you don’t see, and vice versa. It’s a weird drunken connection thing, but it’s definitely a thing.

7. You Never Make Terrible Mistakes Alone
“Dude, let’s do body shots.”
“We should totally try to DJ.”
“I think we need more shots.”

Sometimes they are the ones coming up with the crazy ideas of shit to do while at parties, but hey, they ALWAYS do them with you. Yeah, you may regret some of these things later, but at least you have someone to laugh about it with. Some of your best stories come from you drinking soul mate encouraging you to let your hair down and go a little crazy.

8. They Love You For Who You Are
If you’re feeling down, your drinking buddy will lift you up by giving you the best drunken description of how great you are. They’ll get drunk and tell you how pretty you are and how your contour is perfect and how they wish they had your bone structure. They will explain to you how you are such an important person in their life and they would die without you. If you miss a shot in beer pong, they encourage you, not put you down. They will probably get emotional and you’ll end up having deep real talk for a solid 45 minutes. They’ll even make out with you if no one else will.

Soul mates/drinking buddies for life.

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I'm Ashley and I get wine drunk by myself more than I should, eat my weight in tacos and make bad choices. I'm a ball at parties and only slightly embarrassing. Enjoy the shit I write. xoxo.

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