9 Accent Pieces To Turn The Friend-Zone Into A Friend-Home

9 Accent Pieces To Turn The Friend-Zone Into A Friend-Home

Are you always in the friend-zone? Does it seem like no matter what you do, something about you screams “just a friend”? Well, that’s probably not going to change. But while you’re there, you might as well spruce up the place. Just as you would decorate your house, decorate your friend-zone and watch it slowly turn into a friend-home.

1. Fun Throw Pillows

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Soften the blow of rejection with these fun, nautical themed pillows. The beach theme will make you feel relaxed and calm. It’s almost like you are on a honeymoon. Except alone. So not really a honeymoon, I guess. Still nice!

2. Plant Shelves

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When all of the life has been sucked out of you by your requited love, add some life back. These plants will bring a little pop of green to the apartment, and taking care of them will give you a reason to live. Fun!

3. Dark Stained Simple Desk

Channel your energy into something you are passionate about. Write that self-help book you’ve always been thinking about writing. You are notorious for your excellent boy advice, which your friends always praise and then point out the irony of the situation. Live your dreams!

4. A Glam Headboard

Just because you’re in the friend-zone doesn’t mean you can’t have a little bedroom fun. In fact, your friends will hook up with you when they are drunk, but the thought of ever dating you sits in between silly and stomach-turning. So hot!

5. Statement Frames

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These frames can be left empty, just like you, or they could be filled with anything. Cool single girl quotes you found on Pinterest, or pictures of you and all the guys that are the reason you are there so you can look at them and think of the relationships that could have been. Stylish!

6. Watering Can Flower Pot

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Just like the plant shelf, this will bring life to your cold, dead heart. Put some roses in there, which are your favorite flowers and also the flowers he gave his girlfriend on their three month anniversary. Gorgeous!

7. Candle Set

When everything feels dark, light these candles and light up your life. Lay down and let the aromatherapy take you to a place where you haven’t had a hopeless crush on him since high school and every time you see him you swear your feelings just get stronger. Such a classic look!

8. Sleek Vanity

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When you’re getting ready to go out at night, this vanity will be perfect to see yourself from all angles, even though no matter how much effort you put in, he will never notice you like he does the other girls. Oh la la!

9. Matching Mirrors

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These matching mirrors make the room appear larger, almost as large as the void in your soul. They’re also perfect for staring into while you wonder what they don’t see in you. Glam!

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