9 Foolproof Secrets To Always Looking Sexy


Some days, I’ll be feeling myself and not be bothered by the pictures of models clogging up my Insta feed. (Seriously, why am I following models?) But then there are days where the cheekbones of the Kardashians make me question everything about my facial structure and I spend the next three hours mixing my highlighters together at different ratios to achieve the perfection until I give up completely and accept myself as a destined runner-up. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Every girl deserves to look and feel her best every day. To get you feeling up on those days when your self-confidence might be down, these steps will get you on the right track.

1. Take A Few Good Selfies Each Week

There’s nothing wrong with some vanity with your front cam. Try out different angles and different lighting until you get a pic that even catches you off guard. So what if you have to use a filter or add dog ears to your face to be proud of a pic? Keep a good file of selfies on hand to scroll through when you’re feeling down. No shame in that.
**Note: I said take a few good selfies, not post. FB only needs to see one angle of your face per month.

2. Have A Signature Scent

There’s nothing sexier (and I’ve ran asked around) than a girl who has a trademark smell to her. No, I’m not talking about second-day frat basement smell. I mean a nice fragrance that she remembers to squirt on each wrist and her neck each time she walks out the door. Smell is the sense most linked to memory so this means people will begin remembering you for more than just your pretty face. And don’t feel the need to drop your entire month of bar tabs on this little bottle. Something from Victoria’s Secret will do just fine.

3. Keep Yourself Shaved

I recently went an entire month without shaving you know where for the first time since puberty. Let’s just say when I finally got around to it, I literally felt like a supermodel. There’s just something about a freshly shaved body that makes you feel powerful. And don’t even do it for the boys who might get a chance to see it. Do it for the hours you could spend in the mirror checking yourself out. Body positivity, am I right ladies?

4. Get Ready For Every Single Day

With the exception of maybe one lazy day a week, try to get ready for the day as often as you can. I know how easy it is to be lazy during the summer and skip out on a shower or washing your face, but try to avoid this at all cost. There’s really no better confidence boost than to freshen up. At the very least, put on some bronzer and mascara, brush your hair, and take on your day. You’ll feel 10 times better than if you just pulled your hair back into a ballcap. I know it can be tempting sometimes, but your ego, and skin, will thank you.

5. Moisturize

This step is too often skipped over by those of us with a busy schedule who just can’t find the time. I’m telling you to make the time. And moisturize everything. Face, arms, elbows, hands, legs, knees, feet, face again. Soft skin is another item important to being sexy. Imagine a cute boy stroking his hand across your soft cheek and if that isn’t motivation enough to keep moisturized, I don’t know how to help you.

6. Keep Your Wardrobe Current

If something doesn’t fit you or you haven’t worn it in twelve months, throw away/donate it. Items you haven’t worn are simply taking up space. Items that don’t fit you because you think you’re going to lose 10 pounds to fit into again are just taunting you. Of course, it’s good to have health and fitness goals, but don’t let your two sizes too small jeans mock you. Throw them away and if you do lose the weight, reward yourself with new clothes.

7. Buy That Little Black Dress

You’ve got a fun event coming up or you’re looking forward to a night out with the girls and you want to buy something new and exciting. You’ve found the perfect dress that hugs you in all the right places and compliments your eyes. But the more you start to nitpick it, the more you notice it’s a little tight around your hips or your thighs look too defined in it. Buy. It. Anyway. There’s a pretty good chance you’re the only one that’s going to notice these “flaws.” We’re our biggest critics. It’s best to adopt the mindset that if you feel good in something, who cares what anyone else thinks?

8. Get Your Workout On

There’s something about sweating in a skin-tight tank top and shorts that make me feel hot. Ironically, this is probably when I look the worst. That day’s makeup is melting off my face, being replaced by an unsightly red glow. I can barely breathe and my neck is dripping, but somehow I feel like a superhero. The endorphins from physical activity do amazing things for the body and mind. The next time you’re feeling down, give running or a bike ride or a 10-minute yoga video a chance. You’d be surprised what little it takes to feel a lot better.

9. Reality

The fact of the matter is, it’s unrealistic to compare yourself to anyone else. Celebrities’ jobs are literally to look good. Unfortunately, the rest of us don’t make our living that way. As for comparing yourself to real people, don’t waste your time. I know it’s easier said than done and I’m not gonna bore you with that “everyone is beautiful” bullshit because it’s not worth the agony. Just know that either inside or outside, everyone has something going for them. Sure, yours might not be your boob size or pearly whites, but there’s probably some girl out there who would die to have your full head of hair (me).

So stop comparing yourself to beach models who buy their hair from foreign countries and pay surgeons to readjust their butts. You were made just the way you are and you can’t spend the rest of your life complaining or you can make the most of out it. Me? I’ll choose the latter. And maybe a little bit of eyeliner to help.

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