9 Things Every Party Girl Can Relate To


Some girls have their moments of ridiculously dangerous, wild, stupid fun. But if you’re a party girl, you just call that the weekend. At first, I didn’t think that I would ever be considered the party sister. I only realized that I might be when I became extremely familiar with all of these occurrences and sayings.

1. People take a special interest in your weekend stories.
“How was YOUR weekend?” Not everyone’s weekend — your weekend. It seems to be a topic of discussion at every chapter meeting. You want to tell your sisters the ridiculous raging from your weekend in every juicy detail, but you just can’t tell if this is a plot to get you a one-way ticket to standards. You go with the softcore. It could have been better, but it gets the job done, without getting you got.

2. Random people hit you with the “What’s the move”/”Wyd” texts
Oh, yes. Hello, person who only talks to me when she wants to go out. No, I didn’t have any plans when you messaged me. Honest. Just know that when I do get plans (because we both know that I eventually will), you will be at home while I’m, well, not. I’m all about being a good time, but I will not be used.

3. Sisters assume you drink every weekend.
They’re almost right. And while it would be an honor, you can not accept the title of undefeated weekend warrior. You’ve been sober a few times. Even God had a day off.

4. Most of the stories you share include you and/or someone else being drunk.
This is probably why your sisters think you are a belligerent mess every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. But really, who wants to hear the sober stories? You remember everything about those nights. It’s what you forget that’s most intriguing.

5. No one thinks you have your shit together.
Without fail, some snooty tryhard bitch will ask, “How do you get anything done?” Ummm…by sacrificing sleep for three days at a time, obviously. Just because you rage hard doesn’t mean you can’t get your schoolwork done and get good grades. Partying is your reward to yourself for working diligently throughout the week.

6. Your sisters think you’re a frat hoe.
And maybe you are! But maybe you’re not. Your sisters don’t understand the memories (or lack thereof) that you’ve made with the guys you hang out with. You didn’t have to do anything with them except talk and drink.

7. You befriend the frat guys.
They become your buzz buddies and hangover homies. When you start up shotguns and beer pong, they take you as a serious competitor. You were also someone they willingly allowed to sleep over that night because you drank too much. They’d offer you a ride, but they’re just as drunk as you are. In these tragic times, you get to see their emotional state.

8. It seems like everyone on campus knows you.
In a good way, of course. “You know everyone here,” and that is your legacy. You are one of the people other students should get to know on campus. You’re a gateway to so many activities and always know someone that can do something for somebody. Your name holds so much power.

9. You’re not as wild as people think.
For some reason unbeknownst to you, people think that you’re out of control all the time. All you did was dance on an elevated surface. And bong a couple beers like a pro. And take a few shots after that. Oh and maybe, just maybe public urination, but you’re not sure. It’s not like there are pictures of it. As far as anyone knows, they’re just rumors. Probably not though. The real question is, did you die? No? Then what’s the problem?

You are getting the most out of college in every aspect, so I don’t see a problem and neither should you.

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