9 Trendy Outfits That Your Mom Will Describe As “Different”

outfits your mom will describe as different

There was a time when your mom was young and fashionable, but this is not that time. She tries really hard to support you in your self-expression, but what the kids are wearing these days is hard to wrap her head around.

1. This Sweatshirt Dress

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Your mom gets that the jacket over the sweatshirt is meant for warmth, but she’s going to have a hard time understanding why you’re not wearing pants. Just because the boots are super tall, there’s still a breeze. Not very practical in her eyes.

2. This All Denim Look

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Everyone is raised to believe that denim on denim is the work of the devil, and your mom is no different. This outfit works in that at least it’s the same color, but Britney Spears and JT are the only ones who will ever truly get away with the all denim look.

3. These Ripped Jeans

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This peak-a-knee style will send your mom into a tailspin. Who would buy jeans that have the whole middle section of them cut out? And what does never ever mean? Is that a sexual thing that she doesn’t know about? There are too many questions that go into these pants for her to fully appreciate the fashion.

4. This Sweatshirt

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Your mom thinks that “vibes” is short for vibrators and you’re just not telling her the truth.

5. This Romper

Her first question will be “what bra are you going to wear with that?”. Make sure she is sitting down when she asks because when you tell her you’re going braless, there is a chance she will lose consciousness at the mere thought. The thickness of your choker will resemble a dog collar in her eyes and she will warn you not to bend over in fear that you’ll flash your cooter. It’s not that she thinks you look slutty, it’s just, actually, that’s exactly what she thinks.

6. This Velour-Sequin-Denim Combo

“I mean, I wouldn’t put those three together, but if you are comfortable in it…”

7. This Sweater And Skirt

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To your mom, this looks like an outfit that you would pick out when she would let you dress yourself when you were 5. It just doesn’t match in her mind, no matter what Joan Rivers says. She also thinks Joan Rivers is still alive.

8. Whatever This Guy Is Wearing

Your mom found this when she was online shopping for your brother and asked if it’s what people actually wear. Of course, you played along so well that she made your brother send a picture of what we was wearing at that exact moment to make sure he had a shirt on.

9. This Vintage 90s Look

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Yes, mom, 90s are back. Yes, I know that you wore something just like this. No, you don’t look that old.

At least she means well.

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