’90s Kids, Rejoice: Razrs Are Making A Comeback

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Recently, we’ve been seeing chokers, flatforms, and Doc Martins making a comeback. But the biggest trend revival isn’t an item of clothing at all: it’s a cell phone. In a society controlled by heavily influenced by Apple, pretty much everyone has an iPhone. But Motorola has just released a teaser insinuating that they are bringing back Razrs.

Is that…is that Boys Like Girls they’re playing?! Be still, my beating heart. Hearing the song that was my ringtone from 7th to 8th grade immediately transported me back to simpler times when everything was “hot” and the girls’ eyeliner was thicker than the boys’ Axe body spray. I was a loyal enV girl myself, owning the original enV, the enV 2 AND the enV 3, but I always envied the sleek look of Razrs. Especially pink ones, ~*le sigh*~.

Sure, the iPhone has plenty of insane features, but can you hang up on somebody with the full level of sass that is necessary? Nope. I guess we’ll just have to wait until June 9th to get more details. That’s plenty of time to refine our T9Word skills.

Hello, Moto. We’ve missed you.

[via Bustle]

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