A 6-Year-Old Boy Begs Miley To Stop Being A Hot Mess, Says “We Are Here To Help”

A 6-Year-Old Begs Miley To Stop Being A Hot Mess, Says

In case you’ve been MIA for the past two years, Miley Cyrus is a train wreck. She’s sticking out her tongue here, she’s twerking there, and she’s pretty much just stripping and humping all over the damn place. Gone are the days of Hannah Montana (and Destiny Hope, since she apparently legally changed her name to Miley). Instead, we now get to deal with some sort of gyrating, naked chipmunk who loves saying “y’all” and singing songs about her ex-fiancĂ©. Personally, I’ve grown a little tired of Miley’s antics. It’s like, we get it, your dad walked out on your mom — now buck up, put your pants on, and suppress your feelings of anger and resentment by drinking alone in your apartment like a normal person. As it turns out, though, I’m not the only person who is DONE with a capital “D” with Miley’s shit, as some six-year-old penned an open letter to MiCy, in which he essentially begs the former Disney star to turn to Jesus and get her life together.

Letter To Miley

Letter To Miley

I might just print this out and hang it on my fridge as some sort of “seriously, get it the eff together” reminder. While I’m nowhere near Miley’s level of wreckage, little Andrew speaks some real truths in his letter. “Your a monster” scribbled by the chubby little fingers of a six-year-old will now haunt me every Friday through Sunday as I crawl from my bed to the kitchen in an effort to grab a Gatorade and relieve my hangover. Yes, Andrew, I know I am. But at least I’m not as bad as Miley.

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