A Breakdown Of Sorority Family Terminology For Your Confusing, Ever Growing Lineage


You thought it’d be so simple. You get your perfect big, a ton of presents, and all is fine dandy. Then things got super confusing on big/little reveal. As you got your big, you realized you also got a whole lot more. Before you knew it you had an triplet, a godbig, and a great-aunt twice removed. You weren’t ready. How does this even work in a stack? Could your family possibly consume the entire chapter?!

Genealogy is hard. Let’s break it down from a new little’s perspective.

Little: This is you. You now hold the responsibility to carry on your family for the next four years. No pressure.
Location in the stack: Directly under your big.

Big: A little’s mentor for all things sorority related, and otherwise. There to corrupt you while simultaneously making sure you’re on top of your shit.
Location in the stack: Directly above you, and under your grandbig.

Grandbig: Your big’s big. She may be unsure about you at first for stealing her little from her.
Location in the stack: Directly above your big.

Great Grandbig: Your grandbig’s big. She knows everything about everything and everybody.
Location in the stack: Directly above your grandbig.

Twin: Your big’s other little. Jealousy optional.
Location in the stack: Under your big facing out the opposite direction as you.

Triplet: If your big has two other littles. Jealousy mandatory.
Location in the stack: These two are right next to you in a stack all trying to squeeze under your big.

Grandlittle: Your potential little’s little.
Location in the stack: Directly two spots under you squatting in front of your potential little.

Aunt: Your grandbig’s other little, or your big’s twin/triplet.
Location in the stack: Under your grandbig next to your big.

Cousin: Your aunt’s little. So, your big’s twin’s little.
Location in the stack: Under your aunt, or two under your grandbig. Your aunt and cousin are in a separate line under your grandbig.

Here’s where things get unconventional:

Godbig: May you choose to take a godbig, she will take the responsibility as your new big if your big ever transfers, drops, goes alum, etc.
Location in the stack: If you end up going the godbig route, this would place you in an entirely new stack. She would be right above you in the stack, just like your big was.

Godlittle: A girl you choose as your little in case her big goes MIA.
Location in the stack: You would only stack if her big leaves, in which case you’d go right above her.

Pseudo-Big: Kinda fucked up. Basically someone you wish was your big.
Location in the stack: Right above you. Stack at your own risk of getting murdered by your big.

Pseudo-Little: Still fucked up. Someone you pretend is your little even though she isn’t.
Location in the stack: Just don’t do it.

Big Bro: Don’t really understand this one. Basically a guy that acts as your big brother, but instead of calling you his friend, completely emasculates himself and calls you his “little.” Weird.
Location in the stack: Goes right above you, and looks a whole lot like he’s giving it to you from the back.

Little Bro: A guy you choose to put in the friend-zone for eternity by calling him your little. You may choose to give him gifts.
Location in the stack: Squats under you like your real little. Looks comical seeing a grown man-boy squat.

Pan-big: “Panhellenic big.” If you choose to take a big in another sorority. Very odd.
Location in the stack: Directly above you like your normal big should be.

Pan-little: “Panhellenic little.” A little in a different sorority. Basically a slap in the face to your founders.
Location in the stack: I think you can guess this one.

Family. It’s complicated.

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