A Fairytale Story Of A Fallen Standards Chair

The chapter had voted for a new standards chair,

Hoping the winner’d be unbiased and fair.
A woman of poise — stern and devoted,
The strong kind of lady for whom they all voted.

No girl could guess their new chair would soon falter,
“Congratulations, Samantha!” The president called her.
She teared up with joy throughout the hour,
But it didn’t take long for abuse of power.

The girls that she hated were under surveillance,
With her word as final, the system had failed them.
Her pals were thriving, a parade of asses,
Sam was the leader, even skipping her classes.

She danced on the tables and took off her clothes,
But Samantha was standards, she brushed off “those hoes.”
She chanted nightly about all the slooties,
When push came to shove, she neglected her duties.

Sam had became the biggest offender,
“Whatcha gonna do, bitch? I AM standards!”
“Fuck ADPi, Fuck Sig Chi, fuck Theta, fuck TKE”
A frat guy said softy, “Sam Its time to leave”

A shit show by nature, a fuck girl by choice,
She soon forgot she’s not one of the boys.
The chapter knew measures had to be taken,
But should they fail, a sleeping dragon’d awaken.

The president approached her, gavel in hand,
“Sam you will be punished, do you understand?”
Samantha laughed wildly, but to her surprise,
She still feared the look in her president’s eyes.

Her laughter was greeted with an ironic smirk,
“I’m bringing you up” the pres. said to her.
How could she do that? Samantha was floored,
“Let me introduce your new Standards Board.”

“A board?!” She repeated with a hint of malice,
Knowing she could not thrive with the new checks and balances.
They laid out the rules, she’d broken each one,
Finally faced with the bad things she’d done.

A mountain of fines and social probation,
They took her position, making a statement.
Her actions put all of them in awful light,
And hurting your sisterhood just isn’t right.

Formerly untouchable, this position,
No longer has final word or decision.
Nowadays not even standards is safe,
So don’t kiss and tell with good standing at stake.
But most of all, don’t let them see your mistakes,
May you not be brought up by the fucks or the fakes.

This featured image is a stock photo from our database. The people photographed are not in any way associated with the story.

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