A Former Miss Universe Became A U.S. Citizen Just So She Could Vote Against Trump


It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of Trump. Without getting too political, I sort of kind of definitely think that he’s the worst thing to happen to America since the Great Depression. I realize that’s a hefty comparison, but he greatly depresses me, so I’m going to stick with it. I’d vote for a tweaker before I voted for him, and not just because I feel personally victimized by whatever is going on with his hair.

Apparently I’m not alone. Alicia Machado of Venezuela was awarded the Miss Universe crown in 1996, immediately after Trump had taken over the pageant. Following her victory, she put on a little poundage. This prompted some verbal harassment and inappropriate behavior from Trump, who called her “Miss Piggy” and “an eating machine.” Perhaps his most volatile move was setting her up at a gym to encourage her to lose the weight, and then inviting a group of reports to bombard her working out. The man is truly repulsive.

20 years later, Alicia is going to pay him back for all the bullshit he put her through. She officially became a U.S. citizen earlier this week, solely so she can vote against him in the upcoming election.

Two things: First, I cannot believe this lady is old enough to have won Miss Universe twenty years ago. Second, she is badass and I respect her so much for this move. I’m not saying that holding a grudge for two decades is a good idea, but I definitely wouldn’t forget all the shit Trump said and did if I was her. It must feel really good to finally get a tiny bit of revenge. It must feel even better to become a citizen of the U S of A.

[via NY Mag]

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