A “Friends” Reunion Is Finally, Really, Truly Happening


The one thing our ’90s girl hearts have been longing and dying for since the early 2000s is finally here. No, Lance Bass isn’t straight, but I promise this is so, so much better. The “Friends” reunion we’ve all been dreaming about and hearing false Internet rumors about for years is finally happening FOR REAL and I have never been more excited about anything in my entire life.

Sadly, our favorite show isn’t returning permanently — why ruin a good thing? But all 6 of the “Friends” have signed on to air a new 2-hour special on NBC. The special will honor director James Burrows, who’s famous for great comedy works like “Will & Grace,” “Frasier,” and (of course), “Friends.” It’s unclear how much of the show’s original plot will be retained for this special, but I can’t wait to see where the favorite characters of my childhood are now.

The 2-hour “Friends” special will air on February 21, so clear your schedules, grab your girlfriends and tissues, and prepare yourself by rewatching the “I got off the plane” scene over and over again until you cry. Until then, you can catch me watching every episode on Netflix to get ready for the big day. Even though “Friends” has been out of our lives for 12 years now, we can finally say that we were only on a break and that our happy reunion is still yet to come.

[via Refinery 29]

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