A “Grease” Remake Is Coming And The Cast Will Actually Make You Die


I remember the day I became a woman. It wasn’t when I had to go to the “feminine section” of the store for the first time and it wasn’t when a boy first placed his lips on mine. It wasn’t when I got my braces on or off, and it wasn’t when I gave my first passive-aggressive eye roll. No, I became a woman the day I saw Danny Zuko for the first time.

In case you don’t know who Danny is, he’s the main character from “Grease” and your mom 100 percent had sexual fantasies about him. And thanks to my mom, he was the first “bad boy” I ever saw. His personality. His jacket. His zero fucks attitude. So. freaking. hot. And he wasn’t the only one I loved, but the entire story of “Grease.” Good girl meets bad boy, they fall in love, break up, change for each other, and end with one of the best musical duos of all time. It’s the actual dream come true.

Try to tell me that you didn’t just have a mini-orgasm. Just try.

So yeah, we can all agree that “Grease” is perfect. It’s so perfect, in fact, that Fox is remaking it. According to their 2015-2016 line up, “Grease: Live” is actually happening.

As previously announced, GREASE: LIVE, a three-hour production of the massively popular crossover musical “Grease,” starring superstar singers, dancers and actresses Julianne Hough (“Safe Haven,” “Rock of Ages”) and Vanessa Hudgens (Broadway’s “Gigi,” “Spring Breakers”), will air LIVE Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016 on FOX. With Hough as the angelic “Sandy” – Rydell High’s most talked-about newcomer – and Hudgens as iconic bad girl “Rizzo,” this first-ever live television production of “Grease” will re-imagine the hit musical for an entirely new generation.

The wide range of emotions you’re feeling is totally understandable. I mean, they could easily screw this up, big time. I thought so too, until I saw the cast. IMDB released the cast list, and it. is. incredible.

Sandy – Julianne Hough

Rizzo – Vanessa Hudgens

Principal McGee – Olivia Newton-John (rumored)

Teen Angel / Johnny Casino – Nick Jonas (rumored)

Coach Calhoun – Martin Short (rumored)

Danny Zuko – Billy Magnussen (rumored)

I’m sorry. Olivia is coming back. That hands down means that everything will be okay. Plus, Julianna Hough? Nick Jonas? Vanessa freaking Hudgens? The last time Vanessa Hudgens did anything of real value, she starred in “High School Musical.” And sure, it was a complete ripoff of “Grease” but hello? It was the best thing to EVER happen to our awkward middle school selves. And it gave us Zac Efon. So yes, I am really effing excited about this.

This “reimagining” is set to air on January 31, 2016 and finally, a whole new generation will understand why Danny Zuko is an instant panty-dropper.

[via Fox, IMDB]

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