A ‘Greek’ Movie Is Coming To Freeform


During one fatefully boring spring break when I was a sophomore in high school, I made the bold decision to try and watch the entirety of a series before I went back to school seven days later. With Netflix queued up on my television screen, I flipped through hundreds of show until I finally settled on a show that would literally change my life.

Two episodes into Greek and I was hooked. The parties, the drama, the late 2000s fashion. Seven days and six seasons later, and I didn’t want to let it go (or go back to high school). I continued to watch the series on and off for the next three years until Netflix finally ripped it away from me and forced me to go back to the real world. I had no connections to Greek life before that ABC Family show, but after following the drama of Cappie, Casey, Rusty & Co., I knew I had to join a sorority when I got to college.

Obviously, Greek wasn’t totally a representative of what real collegiate Greek life is actually like. They took some very creative liberties with things like rivalries and how far someone is willing to go to win a Greek week competition. But the show did a couple of things right. The connections that the characters felt to their chapters and their friends was totally real. The relationships between characters were exactly what you’d expect.

Greek was my favorite show, and it’s finally coming back.

Freeform (RIP ABC Family) is bringing our favorite alumni back to campus for a Greek movie. The movie is still in development right now, but would be bringing all our favorites back for their five-year reunion. No cast members have announced their intent to star, but with Cappie, Rusty and Casey being given the chance to relive their college glory days?

No self-respecting Greek is ever able to resist that.

[via E! Online]

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