A “Hunger Games” Theme Park Is Happening, And We Volunteer As Tribute–To Be First In Line

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Well, why should Harry Potter have all the fun?

After the insane amount of success that Universal Studios Orlando has seen, thanks to “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”–which includes the brand new Diagon Alley expansion–Lionsgate, the company behind the “Hunger Games” franchise, announced plans to build a theme park based on the blockbuster series.

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer has confirmed that the studio is exploring options to bring the books-turned-film-series into a theme park. On a conference call with analysts about the company’s first quarter financial results, Feltheimer said, “We’re deep in conversations with prospective partners on four continents to explore theme park attractions and other location-based entertainment opportunities.”

The plans for the park are in an incredibly early stage, but I’m not sure how they’re going to build a theme park around the concept of, well, a book/movie series about rich people forcing starving children to kill each other in what can only be described as a blood orgy for their amusement. Children slaughtering each other for supremacy in an annual televised death match: fun for the whole family! Bring the kids–you don’t have to take them home with you!

But, apparently, someone wants Lionsgate to build these theme parks in four continents. I wonder if they’ll be in murder-friendly continents?

Seems a bit outlandish, but “The Hunger Games” is a global phenomenon, and, well, anything’s better than the dogshit idea that is building “Avatar Land” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

[via IB Times]
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