A Letter To My Big As She’s About To Graduate


Ever since I was little, I dreamed of having an older sister. A person to look up to, to admire, to mold myself after, and to idolize. Yes, I’ve had role models, but nothing compares to the role model of an older sister. Although it may have been a little late, I finally got the big sister I always wanted freshman year of college.

Coming to a big university knowing no one, I figured going through recruitment would introduce me to a few girls, and maybe I’d make some friends. What recruitment gave me, I never could have expected. After the first two rounds, I knew that my sorority was one of my top choices. Then third round came along and I met you. You made me feel like I was at home. You made being in what could have been an extremely awkward situation, beyond comfortable. I cannot thank you enough for helping me find my home.

Over the past three years, you have been there for me through it all. Through the boys, the stress, the breakdowns, and me just being ridiculously dramatic. You have always stood by my side. Not to say that we haven’t had our arguments. Looking back, all of our arguments were embarrassingly dumb, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Every big and little sisters get in dumb fights, and when they get over the argument, the relationship is only stronger. Actually, if we didn’t get into arguments, I would be concerned.

Because of you, I stayed at this school. Because of you, I found my home. Because of you, I found amazing littles and know how to be the best big I can be to them. Because of you, I finally got the big sister I’ve always dreamed of. Because of you, I have a best friend, sister, and role model. Because of you, I am a stronger person. Because of you, I am a better version of myself. I will never be able to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I am still 150% in denial that you’re doing the “g” word. You have had a bigger impact on me than you will ever be able to understand and I cannot thank you enough for that. You have helped me become the person I am today.

As you move on to the next chapter of your life, please don’t forget about this chapter. I will forever cherish our friendship and cannot wait to see what you accomplish in the big kid world. I am so incredibly proud of you, and hope I have been at least half the big that have been to me.



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