A Male Birth Control Pill Might Actually Be A Thing Really, Really Soon

Birth Control

Most of us have a very love/hate relationship with birth control. On one hand, it turns us into psycho bitches, which is annoying. But on the other hand, we have an excuse for being psycho bitches, which is convenient. It stops us from having babies, which is nice. But when we do want babies, it’s really easy to just stop taking the pills (or accidentally-on-purpose forget to take them, *wink wink*). Either way, we ladies being in charge of birth control has been great. It’s helped us to be in control of something in a world where men lead the way.

But according to The Daily Beast, that’s all about to change.

It seems that some brains have finally discovered a male birth control that can be used to make pills just like we have. Basically, it stops the little sperms from being able to swim as well so they don’t attach to the egg. These two drugs, Cyclosporine A and FK506, are used when people get new organs. But it also messes with sperm. So scientists decided to take some rats, drug them up (while targeting specific proteins but seriously, does anyone care about the specifics?), and let them bang.

And guess what?! The rats on the drugs didn’t get the lady rats knocked up. For two weeks as they were taking the drugs they were infertile, but one week after they stopped, they were good to start making gross little rodent babies again.

The drug is noninvasive (unlike the male birth control that’s injected into the dick and makes every guy want to pass out), it has no added hormones, and it’s looking a lot better than the female birth control. So what does this mean for us? That we’re one step close to equality, and one step closer to the ol’ “I forgot to take my pill” trick to get a guy to marry you, no longer being relevant.

Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about all of this, but if it will prevent a lot of unwanted babies and let me stop taking the pills that turn me into a hormonal she-devil, then it can’t be too bad. The future of guys avoiding commitment is now.

[via Elite Daily, The Daily Beast]

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