A New Breed Of Sorority Girl

A New Breed Of Sorority Girl

When I was in high school in Columbia, South Carolina, a stone’s throw from USC, I thought being in a sorority meant Lilly Pulitzer, crafting, bows, MRS. degrees, saying “like” a lot, being a Republican, and basically the opening scene from Legally Blonde. When I got my bid and began living sorority life for real, I realized I was totally wrong. There’s a new breed of sorority girl that doesn’t fit the popularly known stereotype. And she’s really cool.

Found inhabiting mid-sized liberal arts schools, this new breed of sorority girl is seen in coffee shops and maybe even doing charity work that *gasp* isn’t required of her. She thinks bows and Lilly Pulitzer are for actual little girls. She pays attention to fashion and looks super put together most of the time. Of course norts and oversized t-shirts are still a wardrobe staple. They’re just not a uniform. Not everything she owns in monogrammed. She isn’t a groupie for a particular fraternity. She has friends outside her sorority. She actually works out when she’s at the gym and actually studies whens she’s at the library. She fearlessly enters the hipster bars knowing that she’ll fit in, but stand out just enough to be the center of attention. GDIs respect her, professors think she’s smart, and she doesn’t over-wear her letters. She doesn’t act like she’s better than everyone else (even though she totally is).

This girl has direction and isn’t in college to meet her husband. She knows the value of the sexy geed who has a lot going for him, regardless of his lack of letters. She shacks. She drinks. She is, by no means, a saint. When an uppity GDI starts smack-talking the Greek system, she has a witty and totally winning response that shuts them up immediately. Her chapter meetings look like the Free People catalogue came to life. Maybe she has a tiny tattoo that you only get to see if you’re lucky enough to get her naked. While wine and vodka hold a special place in her heart, she can shotgun a PBR like a champion. She may not be the best crafter, but her little is so psyched to have met such a badass person that she doesn’t care. She may be artsy, or maybe she outsources her cooler painting to her roommate. She gets invited to formals and mountain weekends because she’s fun to be with, not because she’s a guaranteed slam. She knows what she has to offer and isn’t afraid to let you know that she isn’t settling for the position of wannabe housewife or slampiece. She can take care of herself. She may be a hot mess sometimes, but she has a sense of humor and can laugh through just about any situation. She doesn’t have frenemies, she genuinely loves (most) of her sisters, and she isn’t just in Greek life for the mixers.

So, you think Lilly Pulitzer is kind of tacky? That’s okay. You listen to music no one’s ever heard of? Cool. You don’t care if a guy is intimidated by your intelligence? Good. You’re the type of girl who makes GDIs genuinely jealous of sorority life. You do your own thing regardless of what others might think. You’re a part of a kickass new breed of sorority girl who does what she wants, and does it well.


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