A Nod To Your Pledge Sisters, The Girls Who Made Your Sorority Mean “Sisterhood”

Pledge Sisters

Your sorority is full of women who are at different stages of college life. You have the older sisters who you will always hold a fearful respect for. You have the new babies, who joined after you, and they will always seem young and adorable. And then you have the originals. Your originals. The girls you met during recruitment or on Bid Day, who stood by your side every step of the way. You sat through the new member meetings together and they agreed to meet up and go to the house with you, since you were all scared to walk in alone. They shared secrets while you passed the time during extremely long initiation ceremonies, and ultimately, they were the reason you fell in love with your sorority.

These girls are your pledge sisters.

You shared the same Bid Day, the same new member adviser, and the same excitement when you learned what being “Greek” is all about. Each and every one of you entered the chapter the same way. None of you were held to a higher standard. You all started with the same clean slate (no matter how many times you got sent to standards later on). You all brought something special to the organization. Your pledge class, as a whole, was exactly what your chapter was looking for. You were all handpicked out of hundreds of girls to complement each other.

Basically, you were perfect.

After growing in the chapter, you most likely branched out and made new friends. You became super close with your big and her group of friends, or maybe your little’s friends truly became your support system. Even though you aren’t best friends with everyone who received a bid with you, you can’t help but have a special place in your heart for each and every one of them.

You’re all beautifully different in the most wonderful ways. There was the girl who was kooky and weird, but could always put a smile on your face. And then the beautiful bitch, who you found was actually a sweetheart when you peeled back the layers. There was the obvious leader, who would go on to do great things. And there were your true friends, who would greet you with a hug each and every time they saw you. As time went on, you got wrapped up in finding littles, bigs, and securing executive positions. You fought with each other like true sisters, and drama couldn’t help but inch its way in every now and then.

But aside from the bullshit, disagreements, and competition, you all sincerely loved each other. At the end of the day, these were your first sisters. Time may pass and you might drift apart from them as you chase your dreams and find your future. Even though you won’t always live down the hall from each other, you’ll always have a special connection with these ladies. These girls, the ones who stood by your side as you grew together and became Panhellenic women, will always be your first sisters. No matter where you go or what crosses your path, know that your pledge class will always be there to lift you up when your wings have trouble remembering how to fly. Or to share a bottle of wine. Either works.

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