A Quick Summer Guide for Sorority Ladies


We have painted so many coolers, our hands sometimes seem to have a blueish tint. We have collected so many fraternity shirts, we could clothe a small country. We Nice Moved so many TSMs, we could probably figure out who “Engaged and Underage” is 🙂

Another college semester has successfully ended. We studied hard in our classes and have the grades to prove it. We can finally enjoy this beautiful summer sun and kick back by the pool. Though some sisters may sadly turn in their house keys and move hundreds of miles away from campus, we can all agree that no matter where you are in the USA this summer, it’s bound to be a good one. Here are a few tips to make your fabulous summer even better.

1. SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN and MORE SUNSCREEN! Wearing sunscreen is probably one of the most important things a woman can do to maintain her beauty. Doctors recommend that we use a shot glass (I’m sure you have a few!) full of SPF all over our bodies if we engage in outdoor activities. No fratdaddy wants to wake up to his 32 year old wife that resembles Snooki and a Shar-Pei. Slather it on, ladies and try your best not to get burned!!

2. It’s Summer. It’s wedding season. It’s expected. You probably have a stack full of invitations that you still need to RSVP to. Skip out on your snotty GDI second cousin’s wedding that requires you to get vaccinated and transported by a school bus before you go. She’ll be fine. Simply be the classy lady you are and send an apology note and a nice gift for the newlyweds.

For those of us who are bridesmaids, take advantage of the wedding! Chances are, it’s a week full of spa treatments, brunches with friends, and partying with a hot groomsman who just happens to be a member of your favorite fraternity. However, if you are encountered by the infamous bridezilla, simply sit back, relax and enjoy many, many mimosas.

3. Master the perfect summer cocktail recipe. I know, I know- How dare I suggest to stop shotgunning Nattys and shooting back sugar free jello shots in your favorite Lilly dress? I’m simply suggesting to take a brief break from it for a while. I recommend a Classic Mint Julep, Southern Comfort Punch and White Peach Bellinis. Learn to make a drink like this to bring to a brunch with mom, dinner with the grandparents, or simply just to bring a pitcher to the pool. If you must make a nice drink in a minute’s notice, add fresh sliced fruit to a chilled bottle of wine. So much classier than showing up to your Grandparent’s 50th anniversary with a 24 pack of Natty.

4. Whether you think you need to or not, WORKOUT! Toned muscles look good on everyone. I don’t care if you’re a 0 or a 10, a 30 minute run is good for the soul. Daily exercise is good for the heart, clears our skin, allows us to sleep better, strengthens our hair and nails and builds immunity against illnesses. Go put on one of your twenty pairs of norts, get outside and enjoy the sun! Eat healthier this summer! Enjoy some good old fashioned U S of A grown veggies. While we’re on the subject, eating disorders and fad diets are not a Total Sorority Move. Plain and simple. No respectable man wants to bring home a girl who looks like she should be in the hospital hooked up to a feeding tube. Sunken eyes and brittle hair. NS.

5. Lastly, let loose with your sisters. All semester, we’re preoccupied with school, boy friends, projects and events that sometimes keeps us from getting away for a weekend with our closest sisters. Whip out your credit card and plan a getaway. Add sand, a fruity frozen drink of any sort, and a camera. Leave your fratdaddy and cell phone at home. You probably only have a year or two left of college, so enjoy these years now before it’s too late. Just don’t forget to submit a picture to the TFM pledge 😉

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