A Sorority Girl Fairytale


Once upon a time there was a basic, blonde, sorority girl searching for her prince charming. She wore her favorite fraternity t-shirts and some not-so-subtle makeup to her classes each day, in hopes of catching the eye of that attractive frat boy in her class. In the beginning, she sat a few rows above him so he would see her when he stood up at the end of class. Each day she moved closer and closer to him, hoping one day for a Mean Girls style reenactment of Aaron Samuels asking what day it was.

She checked the sign-in sheet and had it narrowed down to a few possible names of who this mystery, Prince Charming could be. After a solid 8 minutes of Facebook creeping she found him — the man of her dreams. To her own despair she found he was in a two-year committed relationship with a girl in her rival sorority. How dare he do this to her? After all they had been through together, casually glancing at each other after class, accidentally bumping into him as they crammed through the exit door of the lecture hall, all of it for nothing.

The next day, she sulked as she walked to the Chick-Fil-A on campus, getting her daily chicken minis before she headed to the library. In all of her sadness of finding out Prince Charming was taken she totally forgot about her Spanish test the next day. This created an unusually early morning for her. She ended up wearing no makeup and her favorite baseball cap to cover up the fact that she hadn’t washed her hair in four days. After heading to the library and taking a lap to say hello to every other Greek person on the premises, she went to a quieter floor to focus.

Right as she was about to pop an Adderall into her mouth, a dreamy man walks up to her asking if he could sit with her (since she was at the only open table with a working outlet). She nodded without saying a word as she was distracted by his beauty. As she looked down, she caught a glimpse of herself in the reflection of her dimmed laptop screen.

She looked like she hadn’t showered in two days. Because she hadn’t. She excused herself to the bathroom to apply some mascara and freshen up just enough to make a difference, yet still be unnoticeable to the male eye. She returned to him, and they had subtle conversation about how classes were going, what they were studying, and seemingly meaningless things.

Cramming as much Spanish into her mind that she could in an hour and a half, she felt prepared to pull a B- on this exam. He offered to walk her to class since he was headed in the same direction, which she kindly agreed to. This was it. This never happens. Meeting a guy sober? This was her Cinderella moment — her chance to win over her dreamy man.

He walked her all the way to the steps of the language building, and that’s when it happened.

Right as she was about to give this potential fling her phone number, her current FWB walked up, kissed her right on the cheek, then bro-hugged her dreamy new man. Yes, she had a guy on the backburner as she was searching out her prince. Who doesn’t?

That’s when she noticed that her dream guy was wearing the same t-shirt she was wearing. Her FWB was in her potential’s fraternity. So she walked into class, sat right beside her Spanish class crush, fully prepared to continue to dream, when she realized he was wearing the very same letters.

Upon realizing, she was not going to be the princess in this story, she wondered, for a moment, if she could be the ho to come between three bros, but eventually decided that a “wyd later?” to her FWB was really all she ever needed.

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