A Unicorn Cafe Exists And The Pictures Will Change Your Life Forever

unicorn cafe thailand

Brace yourselves, ladies, because all of your unicorn dreams can come true at this unicorn cafe in Thailand, except the dream of finding your unicorn husband… but maybe this place will bring you good luck!

What’s the one thing better than rainbows and unicorns? Food. And now you can experience all three at once if you ever find yourself bored and wandering around Bangkok, Thailand. I won’t leave the magical scenery of this place to your imagination because seeing is believing. Look and be amazed at the magic that is The Unicorn Cafe (and be jealous that you can’t have it catered to your next bid day or recruitment party).

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Yummy Chocolate Toast #wynnbday2016 #31august #wynnwanderlust2016 #wynnbkk2016

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At the unicorn cafe ❤ #wynnwanderlust2016 #wynnbday2016 #31august #wynnbkk2016

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They even have UNICORN ONESIES that you can wear while eating your weight in rainbow colored cake and washing it down with cotton candy slushies! (Or while taking candid Instagram pics with your BFFS and unicorn stuffed animals, your choice.)

So grab your Lisa Frank folders, every My Little Pony stuffed animal you have, and plan your next Spring Break vacation to Bangkok because visiting this heaven on earth is bound to be life-changing. I think eating their food will be the closest we can ever get to “pissing rainbows.”

[via Cosmopolitan]

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