A Winner Was Just Picked For The Much Anticipated Finale Of “The Baby Bachelorette”

Baby Bachlorette

From the very first episode, “The Baby Bachelorette” stole our hearts. The Jimmy Kimmel spin-off starring little children is so wildly inappropriate it could hold even our goldfish attention spans. But after the shocks and the drama, it’s finally time to pick a winner.

Over the past few weeks, 4-year-old Bianca has journeyed with 11 different guys looking for love. From destinations to hometowns she’s dedicated her time to looking for “the one.” Relatable, amiright? But finally, it’s come down to the end. She must choose between two eligible guys and pick one to be her ~forever.~ Who will she pick? The bad boy, or the good guy? The final two design jewelry for her, and she has to decide if she’s choosing the guy with the big necklace, or the guy with the big heart.

When she said, “please stand up,” my heart dropped for Alex (sorry, spoilers!). But then when she is offered a lifetime of love, protection from monsters, and cookies from Manny, it was obvious who she would have to pick. And just like that, at 4 years old, she found the man of her dreams. We wish her a lifetime of happiness and shared juice boxes. Lucky bitch.

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Image via Youtube

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