A Woman Got Arrested For Refusing To Do Her Husband’s Laundry

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This is why we men can’t have nice things. A Mexican woman and her husband recently found themselves in the middle of a nasty fight. It all started when he demanded that she wash and iron his clothes and she refused, because why the hell should she have to do his chores? The husband got so pissed off that he called the police and accused his wife of “causing a disturbance.” The police arrived and charged her with a disturbance charge, and when she couldn’t pay the fine (and her douche of a husband refused to help her out), they promptly arrested her. She then spent twelve hours in jail, and I officially hate everything.

This is weird. I’ve done a boyfriend’s laundry one time, and that’s only because I had slapped the bag one too many times and ended up puking all over his hamper. The next time he decided to try his luck and see if I would do it again, my response, “Which leg is broken, bitch?” discouraged him from ever asking again.

If even my dumbass ex could get it, why are men still demanding we make them sandwiches and clean their rooms and wash their dirty clothes? I get that it’s nice to help around the house and whatnot, but if someone is literally refusing to help you with your laundry, you need to get over it and do it yourself instead of being a whiney little bitch and calling the cops.

It’s stories like this that make me love America. This kind of shit would never fly here.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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