A Year In Review: The Best, Worst, And Funniest Moments Of 2014


1. The White House launched the “It’s On Us” campaign to stop sexual assault, and Greeks were the first ones on board.


After the media excessively accused members of the Greek community of providing breeding grounds for the future rapists of America, Greeks all over the country were the first to respond to the White House’s “It’s On Us” campaign. The goal of the campaign is for men and women on all college campuses to take responsibility and raise awareness to change the jarring statistic that one in five women in college will be victims of sexual assault. Within hours, fraternities all over the country showed their support for the campaign through videos, written pledges, and philanthropy events, aiming to put an end to sexual assault.

2. UVA suspended Greek life after a rape scandal.


In November, Rolling Stone published a feature story about a UVA student, Jackie, who recalled getting brutally raped by brothers of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity as part of a sick and twisted initiation ritual. Readers and students alike were shocked and appalled, and they demanded the university do something to prevent anything like this from happening again. In response, the university did what it felt was appropriate and suspended Greek life until 2015. However, when details started to shake the validity of the story, Rolling Stone released a statement. The magazine claimed its trust in the victim was “misplaced,” and many suspect Jackie fabricated details of the story.

3. UVA student Hannah Graham went missing.


The University of Virginia has had a whirlwind of a year, to say the least. In September, tragedy struck when student Hannah Graham went missing. After weeks of relentless searching, authorities discovered her remains. It was an extremely sobering moment for college students everywhere, as the realization that the unthinkable can and does happen.

4. Masked men terrorized Greeks at the University of Kansas.


Following allegations of several on-campus sexual assaults at the University of Kansas–including one at the Kappa Sigma house–a masked group decided to take matters into their own hands. The group donned “V For Vendetta”-style masks and caused quite a stir among students. One of the group members went as far as to storm into a classroom and announce that Kappa Sigma members would be, “dealt with accordingly.”

5. A guy accidentally group texted 32 of his Tinder matches.


After getting matched with 32 eligible bachelorettes via Tinder, Joshua decided to send them each a text in hopes of getting lucky. Unfortunately for Joshua, he put all of them in one group text. All 32 of them. For revenge, his matches all humiliated him, got a good laugh, and even went as far as to add each other on Facebook.

6. A Texas Tech cheerleader posted pictures of endangered animals she killed.


Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones found herself in hot water this year after uploading pictures of the endangered animals she’d hunted to Facebook. People were so outraged by these photos that there was even a petition to remove her Facebook page. After receiving 50,000 signatures in only a week, Jones spoke out. She defended herself and claimed she was trying to “control the lion population,” and that the photos were to showcase game preservation.

7. The first person in the U.S. who contracted Ebola was a Sigma Kappa at TCU.


As the threat of Ebola became more of a reality, the entire country panicked. A man with a confirmed case who had previously traveled from Liberia was quarantined in a Dallas hospital, leaving many anxious and scared of this deadly disease. Not long after, the first American contracted Ebola, Nina Pham. She was a nurse for the Ebola patient as well as a TCU Sigma Kappa alumna. What Nina showed all of us was that she is an average girl just like you and I. There was an outpour of support for Nina as we watched her fight Ebola and beat the outcome of its low survival rate.

8. Miss America was kicked out of her sorority because she was a mean, scary hazer.

Miss America was kicked out of her sorority for hazing.

Miss America 2015, Kira Kazantsev, faced scandal along with receiving her crown. She faced claims that in her days as an Alpha Phi, she conducted some major hazing, and as a result, she was kicked out of her sorority. A source claimed Kazantsev made pledges do various tasks, including everything from eating cat food to performing sexual acts among sisters. Those claims summed up about every sorority hazing myth in the book, and the Miss America organization chose not to validate them. Kira Kazantsev remains the reigning Miss America.

9. William and Mary’s Sigma Chis sent out an email about vaginas.

Sigma Chi W&M

A lot of not so professional emails get sent out in the Greek system (looking at you, “cunt punt”). Another shining example of emails gone wrong happened to the brothers of Sigma Chi at the College of William and Mary in January. The email’s subject line read, “Life, love, and pussy,” and that was only the beginning. The email went on to say, “the vagina needs you” and “save the sluts.” The Sigma Chi president released a statement in regards to the matter, which stated it may not have even been a member who sent the email, as it was “inconsistent with our values as Sigma Chis”.

10. Some guy sent a sorority an application to ensure a formal date.


When the University of Central Florida’s Pi Beta Phi had its winter formal, one guy was determined not to miss it. Scott Benton, a Theta Chi, took it to the extreme and filled out an application to show just how great of a date he would make. The application included his skills–he is apparently “the songbird of my generation” and “kind of cool.”

11. A leaked email from a sorority girl advised sisters to “swallow that load.”

New Deranged Sorority Girl

A senior who was completely over it wrote the most outlandish, explicit senior sendoff letter and sent it to TSM so we could share it with the masses. The senior, whose name we chose to leave out, essentially called out every member of her sorority for not blacking out and having as much sex as she has. The self-titled “dick sucking queen” handed out pearls of wisdom, such as, “you don’t need to know his name to hop on his tic tac” and to “go crawl into a hole with Ellen DeGeneres and learn to eat pussy.”

12. Warwick University rowers stripped down for charity.


The Warwick University rowers showed the world they would do anything for a good cause, and then they showed us a little more. The chiseled, British rowers released this calendar as an attempt to fight homophobia through sports. All reasons aside, it was a much appreciated break from the masses of Sports Illustrated and Hooters calenders.

13. An advertisement used cursing little girls to “discuss gender equality.”


2014 was a big year for gender equality and the feminist movement; however, when FCKH8 released an advertisement to raise awareness for sexual assault, everyone’s jaw dropped. The company released not only one, but two ads, which featured little girls using some very age-inappropriate language. In the company’s second ad, these young girls appeared battered and beaten. Although the company had good intentions, these “potty mouth princesses” had more success in outraging viewers than they had in driving their point.

14. A grandmother claimed the secret to youth is a face full of semen.


According to 67-year-old Stella Ralfini, the best anti-aging product is a lot easier to get your hands on than you would expect. Ralfini claimed that in her travels abroad 30 years ago, she learned of the best-kept skin secret product in the book: semen. While most of us avoid the stuff at all costs, Miss Stella says a good “sperm facial” for 15 minutes will work wonders.

15. Mississippi State’s ADPis allegedly pooped all over a fraternity house.


In September, Mississippi State’s ADPis found themselves in a rather odd campus-wide scandal. There were claims that several freshman members had pooped all over fraternity row, and not in their toilets. While nothing was confirmed, the app Yik Yak definitely had people talking about it.

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