Adele Helps A Girl Propose To Her Boyfriend, He Runs Away (Video)


Yesterday was a special day. If you’re one of the few people who’s birthday is on Februray 29, you posted a Facebook status about how you were six years old or whatever, and reaped the benefits of only having your big day once every four years. Congrats on the likes, assholes. For everyone else, however, we sort of just did the same shit. If you were lucky enough to have the day off from school or work, you probably binged on a few episodes of whatever show you’re watching and ate some pizza before calling your boyfriend/FWB/pulling out your vibrator and getting a little afternoon delight.

So yeah, for most of us, February 29 was a normal day. Maybe a little better than any other normal day, but pretty much normal nevertheless.

But if you were at the Adele concert in Belfast, Ireland last night, you were in for quite a show. Not just because Adele is a gift from the heavens, but because of what she did on stage for (and at the expense of) a few fans.

In case you’re not familiar with old Irish traditions, or you’ve never seen the mediocre romantic comedy, “Leap Year” there’s a special tradition that takes place on February 29 in Ireland. Basically, it’s the day that women can propose to their boyfriends (because no, it’s still not cool to do that now. Don’t be annoying).


See? Told you. So naturally when HBIC Adele ended up in Ireland on Leap Day, she decided to ask her audience if anyone wanted to propose to their boyfriends. And because of the world we live in, someone said yes and hopped onstage.


According to Cosmopolitan, Neil said yes. But considering his less than enthusiastic response earlier in the day (he said “maybe in a little while”), and the fact that it looks like he RAN AWAY FROM THE SITUATION IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ADELE CONCERT, I wouldn’t go put a down payment on a dress just yet, girl.

So basically, don’t propose to your boyfriend. Even if it’s a Leap Year. And even if you’re in Ireland. And even if you’re at an Adele concert. If you take anything away from a rom-com it’s that the boy should always ask for your hand, he should always have a blue box, and you should always say “all righty” back. I don’t care what year we live in. After getting down on our knees how many times, he should get down on his. I mean come on. That’s just like, the rules of feminism.

[via, Cosmopolitan]

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