Adele’s New Song Was Just Released And It’s Painfully Amazing


You know those moments when you just want need a good cry? Maybe you had a hard day at work. Maybe your hair stylist cut off five inches when you told her to cut off two and now you look like an actual boy. Maybe you saw a plate of pasta that reminded you of a restaurant that you used to go to with the boy who broke your heart.

Whatever it is, you need to cry, and you need to do it now.

So as any totally sane, in no way emotionally unstable girl does, you set the scene. You get some wine. You order a pizza. You cue up P.S. I Love You. And you listen to Adele. That’s just how it’s done.

And thankfully for us and all of human race, we’re once again graced with an amazing cry anthem from the women who just knows. Her new song, “Hello” was just released and it. is. a doozie.

Tears. Actual tears. Her entire album, titled “25” is set to be released next month. You know, just in time for those “why don’t I have a boyfriend or a fiancĂ© or a puppy” holiday cries. Adele. That bitch just gets it.

[via Youtube]

Image via Youtube

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Rachel Varina

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