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ADPi From UF “Swamps” Todd Kalas

Todd Kalas is FaF.

Unbeknownst to most sports fans, Harry Kalas, the legendary broadcaster for the Philadelphia Phillies, has a son who’s been following in Dad’s footsteps. “The Todd,” as we adoring fans call him, has been a television broadcaster for the Tampa Bay Rays since their inaugural season in 1998. The bronzed God is loved by all for his amazing postgrad slickback, his smooth baritone voice, and his general amiable demeanor.

Ask any Tampa Bay Rays fan; we all love TK. And it looks like the sisterhood of UF ADPi does, too.

A sorority from the University of Florida attended the game and were sitting in the outfield seats when Kalas just happened to stumble upon them.

After doing a brief report from the swarm of young women, Kalas posed for several pictures.

Above is a picture of the picture being taken. We got pictureception going on over here.

I know one of the ADPis in the first picture (I actually know a girl… crazy, right???), and she told me that she didn’t really talk to The Todd at all during his visit. I can only assume that’s because our boy had already set his sights on the cute blondie with whom he took the selfie.

Frat On, Todd. Frat On.

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Jared Borislow

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