Alabama’s Theta Chi Leads A Suicide Prevention Walk, Raises $33,000 After Brother’s Death

Suicide Walk

Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues are serious illnesses that plague more than 350 million people globally, yet people don’t take these issues seriously. Too many people view mental health issues as laziness. We blame the afflicted and tell them they’re “not trying,” which can be a toxic thing to hear when you are sick. When you already believe you can’t be happy, nothing is more detrimental than hearing from someone you love that it’s attainable and that you just don’t want it badly enough. It can make many people feel like there’s only one way to end their suffering. Too many people do the unthinkable–they take their own lives.

After discovering their brother, Parker Jordan, dead in the fraternity house last Monday morning, the brothers of Theta Chi at the University of Alabama honored his memory with an Out of The Darkness Community Walk, hosted by the University of Alabama Counseling Center and SOS Tuscaloosa for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The march takes place annually, and the organization had set a goal to raise $10,000 for its cause, but with Theta Chi marching, they more than tripled that. With about 600 people marching, the organization raised $33,000 for suicide awareness and prevention, $16,000 coming from Theta Chi alone.

The power of togetherness and the power of fraternity made this extraordinary fundraising success possible. See the difference we can make with just a little bit of give-a-shit?


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Veronica Ruckh

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