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Alabama’s Upgraded Sorority Row Makes Me Want To Be A Better Person (Photos)

Per, over 2,000 squealing girls are expected to participate in sorority rush at the University of Alabama this fall. So many betches, right? Like a stampede of little soon-to-be sratties dressed to impress — so young, so impressionable, so innocent. I don’t really know what goes down at these things, but I assume it’s a lot of singing, chanting, “What’s your major?” type questions, fake smiling, and “throwing what you know.”

Anyway, they will be arriving at Bama’s sorority row to take in some brand new scenery. The university has set plans in motion to revamp the area, recently adding four brand new sorority houses, with more soon to come.

There are now four new sorority houses on the new row, located on Magnolia Drive behind the President’s Mansion. Delta Gamma, the most recent colonized chapter at UA, moved into their new home in August 2012, followed by Alpha Gamma Delta, Tri Delta and Alpha Delta Pi. According to the Panhellenic Association’s website, each house can be approximately 40,000-square-feet.

The figure in that last sentence seems inaccurate, but the point is this: these houses are enormous, and they are very, very nice. The older ones don’t suck either.

Check out the photos below. Note: They’re not organized by sorority because there are just too damn many of them.





This next one, holy shit. Check out its location, too.
































These make me want to be a better person.



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