Alec Baldwin Will Portray Donald Trump On SNL

alec baldwin will portray donald trump

Every election cycle, “Saturday Night Live” always delivers with its political skits. While the program has always had its finger on the political pulse of society, it seemed to skyrocket when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler played Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton in 2008. Every cycle the actors change and put their own spin on each ridiculous political figure. This year is no different. It was recently announced that Alec Baldwin is coming back to SNL and will be portraying the outrageously horrific Donald Trump alongside Kate McKinnon, who will be playing Hillary Clinton.

Baldwin has been a host on SNL more times than any other celebrity, and after this upcoming show, he will have been on the show a total of 17 times. He is no stranger to the format or ridiculous characters and has portrayed a few iconic characters himself, including the “Schweddy Balls” guy. It should be an entertaining cold open as per usual as the two of them are hilarious. Baldwin charmed most of us alongside Tina Fey as very conservative Jack Donaghy in her show “30 Rock.” Maybe Baldwin will pull from that character’s political philosophy? Although it goes without saying, Trump lacks the undeniable charm of Jack Donaghy. Regardless, in the promos, he gets the look just right, down to the facial expressions.

The new season premieres on October 1st, with Margot Robbie as the host and The Weeknd as the performer. We’ll just have to wait to see how good Baldwin is at parodying Trump. I definitely think it will be worth the wait.

[vai Huffington Post]

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