All The Types Of People You’ll See On Instagram’s “Galleries” Update

All The Types Of People You'll See On Instagram's "Galleries" Update

We have gathered here today to mourn the loss of a beloved staple in our existence, Instagram as we know it is officially over. Okay I’m being way over dramatic, but the new galleries update has me reconsidering everything I know and love about the gram, and here’s why.

With Instagram’s new gallery option, self-absorbed and attention hungry people all over the world can post more than one picture to their post. You can actually put up to ten pictures in one post. This sucks for a lot of reasons, mainly because of how hard it is to get ONE Instagram worthy picture throughout your nights of binge-drinking, now we have to try to get 10? Shit ain’t happening.

Brace yourselves, these are the types of people you will see on Instagram galleries.

1. The Selfie Enthusiast
There’s nothing wrong with a good selfie. There is everything wrong with ten selfies in a row, but you know these people do exist, and they will emerge selfie strong. They will have ten different selfies in different places, with different angles of cleavage. Kill me now.

2. The Relationship Consumed
Those people who have absolutely nothing to offer the world other than the fact that they are in a relationship with a seemingly average person. Galleries will be a place for these people to boast about how often they are cuddling and spending time with their significant other. Like. We. Care.

3. The Party People
Now this is my personal favorite, because this is me. These people will actually have interesting Insta galleries because it will be filled with fun and drunk times. These galleries will be interesting and make everyone else jealous of their life. Can you tell I have an enflamed sense of self worth? Good, because I do.

4. The Photographer
Instagram stories will become their own personal photography portfolio, which is awful because not everyone who takes pictures is a photographer. If you’ve seen a picture of one sunset, you’ve seen them all. Not excited to look at *~*abstract art*~* galleries. If that were the case, I would go to an actual art museum.

5. The World Traveler
We have no idea where they get all their money to travel from because they have no job, but the ‘grammers will stay jealous of these people’s lives because who wouldn’t be jealous of people who get to travel the world all the time? I live vicariously through these Instagram posts, so by all means, continue doing what you’re doing.

Now the people I feel REALLY bad for, are what we call the “Instagram Boyfriends.” Their lives just went from being the automatic picture bitch to living in photoshopped hell on earth. Hang in there guys, maybe Instagram galleries will be a bust.

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