All Women Are Lesbians


Sexuality is absolutely fascinating. When it comes to what gets you going, everyone is different. Some people like to have their toes sucked, and some people like to be tied up. Some of us like foreplay, and some of us like BDSM play. But according to Daily Mail, no matter how different we are, there’s one thing us ladies all have in common.

We’re attracted to other ladies.

lesbian crush

The study was done at the University of Essex and involved 345 women. Basically, psychologists showed these women clips and pictures of naked people, both male and female. The women who said they were lesbians? Were unshockingly turned on by the women only. But the straight ladies? Yeah. This is where it gets interesting. The women who classified themselves at heterosexual (not like “oh I sometimes make out with girls when I’m drunk” or like “sure I experimented a little bit with my freshman roommate” but full on straight) were turned on by both the men and the women.

So how did they test this? Using the old “make them watch porn and sit on some newspaper” horror story? No, basically they just recorded their verbal and non-verbal responses (such as whether their pupils dilated, breathing, etc.) to see what actually turns women on. They also found that lesbian women were similar to men in that they get really, really turned on.

So what does this mean? That we really all are bisexual? Bicurious? That we all secretly want to get with another woman? Not necessarily. Take it as you want. Maybe it just means girls have hotter bodies. Maybe girl on girl porn is just way hotter, less grungy than other porn. Maybe semen just grosses us all out a little bit. What. Ever.

So whether this means you’re down with going down on a girl, just enjoy the occasion lesbian porn flick, or are totally appalled by this whole situation, keep doing what you’re doing. Or try something else if you feel the desire. As long as you’re getting off and getting it on, who really cares?

[via Daily Mail]

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