AMANDA BYNES IS BACK! And She Wants To Go To College?

With everyone getting caught up in Miley being a “calculated hot mess” (by the way, I tried that on my parents — they didn’t buy it either), we almost forgot about our favorite Hollywood crazy: Amanda Bynes. Well, get excited, folks, because according to the Huffington Post, Bynes is back. She’s leaving treatment, returning home, and hopefully, if we’re lucky, returning to Twitter.

After five months in rehab, where she was sent involuntarily, Bynes is now living with her parents in LA, where she is continuing recovery with outpatient treatment at home.

“I am doing very well,” Bynes told In Touch magazine on Dec. 3. “I’m doing great, it’s been five days since I got out of rehab.”

“Well” like you’ll be rejoining the human race as a functional member of society or “well” like you escaped from prison and will soon come back into our hearts by way of berating people on Twitter? I’d always said you were punking us for attention, and I was happy to give it to you, because who doesn’t love celebrities calling other celebrities ugly? Communists, that’s who. And probably the ugly celebrities.

Despite her “recovery,” I think we’ve still got a shot and the Amanda Bynes Twitter rampage wonderment. Who uses Twitter more than anyone? Well, 12-year-old girls. But right after them is college girls, because they have so much free time coupled with access to so many girls who are sleeping with the boys they life. Luckily for us, 27-year-old Bynes is now considering a college career.

Being interested in starting a fashion line, Bynes is hoping to major in fashion and is already considering a number of different schools. I’m too excited about playing “Bid or No Bid” to tell her that she’s a celebrity and most famous people use that as their selling points on their KMart lines. Besides, I’m guessing the discount store’s clientele won’t care much about her education on the matter anyway.

In either case, wherever her “career” takes her, I’m just glad she’s back. I’ll be refreshing her timeline daily.

[via Huffington Post]

Image via Associated Press


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