Amanda Bynes Makes Fake Twitter To Retweet Herself

Amanda, please.

The all-you can eat buffet of crazy herself, Amanda Bynes, has hit new levels of psychosis as of late. Amanda, who has been arrested for a DUI, possession of marijuana, and has been hailed by every media outlet possible for being batshit insane, is no stranger to Twitter. She uses the little blue bird to let us all know (in more than 140 characters, by the way) how she’s feeling at any given time. She’s sent out tweets about how Rihanna deserved to get beaten up by Chris Brown, and about how she wishes Drake would murder her vagina. She’s personally called upon Barry O himself to fire the cop who arrested her for a DUI, because she doesn’t drink, obviously.

If you haven’t yet, I would highly suggest following Amanda Bynes on Twitter because she’s fucking hilarious. She tweets selfies in which she’s wearing an ill-fitting bra. She goes on rants about cops who slap her vagina. No stranger to an evident low self-esteem, Bynes also frequently retweets followers who tweet their support for her in the fight against…whoever she’s fighting with for the time being.

Recently, one account in particular has caught Amanda’s eye: @persiannyc27 aka “Malibu Barbie.” She’s recently been retweeting things such as the following.

I mean, that’s not disturbing or anything.

Oh, is that because he wouldn’t murder your vagina?

Well, that surprises no one.

…andddd there it is.

Is there a chance this account is run by some girl Amanda looks up to? A slight one. Has this account, more than likely, been created by Bynes, herself, as a way to semi-anonymously air her crazy? Effing duh.

I used to love her. I felt bad because she’d never measure up to Lohan, but I gave her credit for trying. I like her less for trying to hide her crazy, because it makes her harder to relate to. I’ve never tried to hide my insanity, and I’ve become popular over both the internet and in multiple shrinks’ offices for it. If Amanda is trying to avoid publicity by brushing her thoughts off on some random twitter account, she’s disappointing all of us.

On the other hand, if this Malibu Barbie is the manifestation of Amanda’s possible multiple personality disorder, I’m all for it. Keep getting your vagina slapped, Sybil, and tweet on.

[via Fish Wrapper]

Image via Digital Spy


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