Amanda Bynes Posts Really Weird Video Of Herself

Breaking: Amanda Bynes has gotten really fucking weird. To be frank, I’ve always thought she was kind of weird, even way back in her “Dear Ashley” days, but never as take-bleach-and-run-it-through-your-hair-with-your-bare-hands-then-freak-out-on-your-colorist weird as she’s become. Yikes.

Recently, she has taken to creating a “moving selfie” as I’ve decided to call it. Bynes has taken a video on her iPhone of her face as she quickly contorts it through all the standard selfie motions: the duck face, the kiss face, the closed-mouth smile, the wink face, the opened-mouth smile, the shoulder shrug, and the raised brow. She claims to be sucking on a sour patch kid, which we all know are better chewed. If you’ve ever wondered what Amanda Bynes’ routine is before she goes out, it’s this:

With all that preparation, I hope she had a great night. Over Twitter, she defended her video to Complex Magazine, describing it as “perfection,” demanding they “stop writing articles about [her] without speaking to [her] first.”

I really hope this girl can get some help. Someone needs to slap the crazy out of her, but more importantly, someone needs to tell her that her eyebrows are too dark if she wants to continue to be that blonde.

[via E!]

Image via Associated Press


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