American Heroine Likely To Get $1 Million A Month In Divorce Agreement…AFTER Her Prenup

American Heroine Rich

Ladies, we all know that there is one, true, American dream: marrying a billionaire. And when billionaires say those three magic words, they actually turn into two magic words, “No pre-nup.” I’d like to introduce you all to your new hero — excuse me, heroine — Anne Dias Griffin.

In 2002, the Harvard business graduate funded her own hedge fund, because girl power, but she didn’t let that get in the way of accomplishing what so many of us can only dream of. In 2005, she married Citadel’s CEO Kenneth Griffin, snagging the ultimate dreamboat, a guy with money and power. Unfortunately, being two smart, rich people, they did go through with a prenuptial agreement, but now ten years later, as they divorce, Anne is essentially saying “fuck it,” and demanding $1 million…A MONTH.

Like all smart women stuck in the pre-nup pickle, Anne remembered to have children during her marriage. And in order for the three of them to maintain their lifestyle, Kenneth needs to fund it. A simple breakdown of the monthly expenses as they relate to the children shows that it’s clearly just all about the math.

– $6,800 for groceries
– $7,200 for restaurant meals
– $8,000 for gifts
– $300,000 for private jet travel
– $160,000 for vacation rentals
– $2,000 on stationery
– $60,000 for office space and professional staff

The kids are little, ages 6, 4, and 2 because I’m not sure how you can justify $2,000 on stationery without even mentioning the elaborate shopping sprees they will eventually go on. I suppose they’ll just need to hit up Daddy for the credit card like the rest of us, because there is no way the pennies Mom is raking in will be enough.

[via Huffington Post]

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