“American Horror Story” Premieres Tomorrow And We’ve Got The Inside Scoop

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There are few things we all get excited about when it comes to the fall season:
1. Wearing sundresses and getting drunk at football tailgates.
2. Picking the perfect skanky/classy/creative Halloween costume.
3. PSL.
4. “American Horror Story.”

When we were first introduced to AHS in 2011, we were instantly hooked. Maybe it was the bad-ass characters. Maybe it was the sexy as hell actors. Or maybe it was the opening music that literally sends shivers down our spines. Either way, as soon as we were transported to that haunted house in season one, we were plagued with needing more, more, more, damn it.

And tomorrow, FX will be giving us just that. Thank the Lord.

For the past few months we have been tormented by teasers for the fourth season of AHS entitled, Freak Show. The 30 seconds of pure horror they’ve been blasting into our eye sockets has gotten us pumped, but finally, we’ll be reunited with some of our favorite cast (hint: Evan Peters) for the true start of fall.

A month ago FX released the first official, extended trailer for the series:

And now they’ve introduced a second peak which gives a little more insight into the characters, the setting and the twisted nature of what a 1950’s Freak Show was like.

Is your vagina tingling yet? Yeah, mine too.

But, this season, FX isn’t screwing around. They are giving us EXACTLY what we want. Real life couple Emma Roberts and Evan Peters being romantically involved in the show? Done. All of our favorite cast members back and crazier than ever? Of course. And real life “extraordinary” people including Rose Siggins, a legless woman…

…and Mat Fraser a man with “seal-like limbs,” being cast on the show and celebrated — not to mention becoming famous — for being different? Yeah, did that too. Naturally.

Oh, and did I mention the first episode is extended to 90 minutes? Yeah. FX kind of just won at being the best thing to happen to us, ever. So, get your wine, find a man (or body pillow #single) to cuddle next to, and get ready to be scared out of your mind as “American Horror Story” returns on October 8th, at 10pm with “Freak Show.” Because damn it, FX has done it again.

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