Newest “American Horror Story” Teaser Is Easily The Creepiest One So Far (Video)

American Horror Story Teaser Baby Face

I have never been so on edge about a TV show than I am about season six of “American Horror Story.” Despite the fact that I canceled my cable 8 months ago (not advised, btw), I am going to purchase FX just so I can watch the new season of the best show live, because waiting 24 hours for it to hopefully get on Hulu is just not good enough. And thanks to Ryan Murphy’s sinister idea to release fake teasers, fake theme leads, and fake pictures, we have literally no idea what’s in store for us come September 14. Will this season be about The Manson Family? Did Rotten Tomatoes really leak the theme, and is it really The Mist? Or something we don’t even know? Is it something we haven’t thought of? Are any of us even sane anymore?

I’m not sure, but if it includes anything from the teaser below, I think it’s easy to say that none of us will be sleeping much this season.

Where there are creepy dolls there are creepy children. And where there are creepy children there is a hell of a lot more people going to bed with the lights on. I’m not sure if this is real or yet another fake, but I can say that “AHS” has officially raised the bar, snapped it in half, and threw it into the fucking sky. Next Wednesday can’t come soon enough.

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Image via Youtube

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