America’s 8 “Most Feminist Colleges” Revealed

Apparently, this is a trait people desire in a college now?, which I’m assuming is a website that supports the feminist movement among college-aged women, has assembled a list of the most feminist colleges in America, for all the lesbians readers who would feel most comfortable at a school that shuns the notion of shaving your legs, brushing your hair, or wearing high heels. The list boasts all of the schools are “full of girl power” and that they “bring women’s and gender issues to the forefront of campus culture.” What I’m hearing is that the campuses are full of fugly bitches who organize rallies and go to weird coffee houses for poetry readings instead of binge drinking, skipping class, and sleeping with the wrong men. To each her own.

Anyway, I’ve decided to break down each university, in case any of you psychos have started making all of your jewelry out of hemp and are considering transferring.

1. Mount Holyoke College: Hadley, MA
The small liberal arts college in the middle of Massachusetts prides itself on being one of the oldest colleges for women. It also boasts a location in the middle of nowhere, and an all-female (duh) acapella group that exclusively performs female empowerment songs.

2. Wellesley College: Wellesley, MA
This school might as well have Hilary Clinton as its mascot. Good ole Hil is their most famous alumna, and apparently it’s not uncommon for students to wear “What Would Hilary Do” t-shirts and drink their coffee out of Hilary-themed mugs.

3. Chatham University: Pittsburgh, PA
This school is HUGE on holding marches to raise awareness for any issue that involves females anywhere across the globe. Not surprisingly, students are required to take courses in women’s studies. Sounds fun?

4. Smith College: Northampton, MA
Okay, just throwing this out there, but Northampton is literally the cutest gay town ever. It’s basically the Provincetown of contiguous Massachusetts. Whether or not Smith College is influenced by the town it’s located in, I can’t say, but the students there boast, “If you go to Smith you are a feminist.” Official Smith College t-shirts display the saying: “Smith College: A Century of Women on Top.” Is that some sort of sexual innuendo. Unclear. Either way, it’s great if you’re into wearing thrift store clothes and reading Virginia Woolf.

5. Barnard College: New York, NY
I’m giving this one a pass because it’s associated with the Ivy League, Columbia. Basically, it’s the Constance equivalent of the real world, but in college form.

6. Wesleyan University: Middletown, CT
This is actually a co-ed school that prides itself on having student unions that support feminist ideals. The consensus among students is that Wesleyan has an overwhelming tone of feminism. I can’t imagine how this is fun for the male population, because the biggest clubs on campus include the “Take Back the Night” club and the “Students for Consent and Communication” club.

7. Sarah Lawrence College: Yonkers, NY
Barbara Walters went here during a time when it was only considered ladylike to go to an all-women’s college. These days, the school boasts a 71% female population (it’s technically co-ed, I guess?) and a student body full of individuals concerned with “human rights and social justice in both their studies and their personal lives” (re: hipsters).

8. Oberlin College: Oberlin, OH
Oberlin College would like to make it clear that they are not a feminist college, but a progressive one. One of the on-campus dorms provides housing for “female-identified and trans individuals.” I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I do know Lena Dunham is a famous alum. As hilarious as her show is, I don’t think I could have dealt with being in classes with her for four years.

Basically, I understand that all-girl colleges used to be a highly respected option for education, back when it was rare for women to even go to college. I just don’t think the college experience would be authentic or valuable, if it required actually going to class and discussing ideas. I spent most of my time going to parties and discussing where we were pregaming, and I still graduated, maybe not with honors, but who cares? All that gets you is the word “cum” on your diploma.

Furthermore, I don’t mind the feminist movement. I’m all for empowering women. I am a sorority girl, after all. I just think it’s stupid for these “feminist” colleges to give the false impression that they are preparing their students for life in the real world, because it will be a rude awakening for any of these graduates to realize you don’t get anything done in the work place by painting protest signs to boycott use of the copier, forgetting to brush your hair, or whatever it is these weird hipsters do.

[via Her Campus]

Image via Her Campus


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