An American Eagle Size 10 Was A Size 4 Two Years Ago


My least favorite part of spring is trying on my shorts for the first time and realizing they don’t fit anymore. It’s hard to separate your conscious mind telling you that you are more than just a number from your subconscious mind that is sneering at the double digits on the inside tag. However, a Facebook post has gone viral that might make that pill a whole lot easier to swallow.

Missy Rogers was shopping at American Eagle and realized that the shorts she was trying on, in her usual size 4, weren’t going up past her knees. She had to size up to a 10 and was baffled by the change. She bought the shorts and went home to compare the two of them and found that they were THE SAME.

The width and waistline are completely identical, but how is this possible? The pressure is on to be thin in America, but stores like American Eagle are making it unattainable. It’s beyond the fact that it’s just a number, it’s the idea that a person who was a size 4, which is on the slimmer side, is now considered a size 10, which is reserved for our bootylicious sisters. Not to mention there are not many sizes that are offered after 10 in regular stores, so anyone who is actually a size 10 is SOL.

But as she says in her “rant,” size is just a number, just like age and body count. Once we free ourselves of the size obsession, we can buy clothes that look good and feel good on our bodies. No one can see the tag anyway, so what does it matter? You can be a 4 in one store and a 10 in the other, but you are still the same person.

Way to go, Missy. Your shorts might not be a size 10, but you sure are a 10.

[via Facebook]

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