An Artist Fantastically Made Disney Princesses Turn Lesbian And Fall In Love With Each Other


There are a lot of things us basics love. PSLs. Oversized sweaters. Fall photoshoots with golden retriever puppies. But one of the oldest, most traditional loves is, of course, Disney. Maybe it’s because we grew up with the stories. Maybe it’s because it set us up with unrealistic, unobtainable goals for our own relationships. Maybe it’s all of the likes we get on pictures at Magic Kingdom. Whatever it is, we eat. That. Shit. Up.

So naturally, people on the internet have been using that to their advantage. No shame, because it works. We’ve seen princesses with realistic hair and with no hair. We’ve seen them be totally sexual and we’ve seen them be totally terrifying. And now? Now we’re going to see them fall in love. With each other.

That’s right. The princesses are going lesbian.

Tumblr artist, simonbaz, created a whole literary and visual world where our favorite princesses say “to hell” to their princes, meet each other, and like happily ever after.

Nani and Ariel

In the Tumblr description, the artist explains the story.

Basically, Ariel sees Nani surfing and instantly falls in love. Obvi. Then, one day, Nani gets a leg cramp and tumbled off of her board. Ariel rushes to save her, revealing herself for the first time. Nani is shocked because a hot AF mermaid just saved her life. The two become friends — Nani giving Ariel human trinkets and Ariel teaching Nani about sea-related matters. Eventually Ariel realizes she’s in love with Nani, and wants to get some legs. So, like in the original story, she visits Ursula and trades her voice for walking appendages. But instead of almost dying or whatever, Nani kisses her immediately, thus lifting the curse because girls get shit done.

Mulan and Belle

And in another post, the artist gives us all the deets.

It all starts when Mulan notices Belle when on a trip to France. She sees how much of an outcast she is and can totally relate. Mulan goes in to woo her, and it works. But Belle is totally confused because, hello? She’s attracted to chicks now? So, Mulan decides to whip out the ol’ male alter-ego, Ping. Ping then woos Belle and she falls for “him.” Which makes her ever more confused because now she’s in love with two people? Ugh. Eventually, Ping reveals that he’s actually Mulan, and apologized for the deception. Mulan offers to just be Ping forever so they can be together, but Belle says no. That she’s loves Mulan for being Mulan and they live happily ever after.

Ah. Isn’t love grand? To see more of these fabulous parings, click here. And just remember, you can rewrite your story to be anything, and be with anyone, you want. All it takes is some determination, perfecting timing, and some well places GIFs.

[via Cosmopolitan, Tumblr]

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