An Entire Ohio State University Class Got A 100% Quiz Grade Because Of This Epic Paper Ball Toss


I can’t say that I miss lecture halls. That many people crammed into a room that they don’t want to be in? No thanks. It’s like chapter, only worse because you’re being graded. It doesn’t even matter what subject the class is in or how hungover you are; lectures blow no matter what. They also tend to remind me of how unfair a university’s rulebook is. A crowded basement fraternity party? Fire hazard. The same amount of people shoved into a slightly taller room with stairs? Mandatory.

This, however, is one lecture I wish I’d been a part of. An organic chem class out of Ohio University was tested with the same game the professor gives every year. He threw a ball up into the balcony to demonstrate “donating a proton,” and if whoever caught the ball could toss it into a trash can, the entire class got a 100 percent on the first quiz of the semester.

Sidenote: apparently the girl recording this video misheard his name, so we actually have Vinny to thank, not Benny:

Why didn’t any of my professors every try this out, and more importantly, how the hell did that kid make this crazy fucking shot? I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he just happens to be an insanely gifted shot, but most likely, this whole thing was dumb luck. Either way, hats off to Benny, or Vinny, or Lebron — whatever you want to call him, dude (probably) fucks.

[via BuzzFeed]

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