An Honest Rendition Of “The Graduation Song”

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And so we drank all night fearing the rest of our lives,
Here comes the real world, are we gonna survive?
I keep thinking “OH SHIT!” I’m afraid of change,
I don’t know how to make friends, I’m scared they’ll think I’m strange.

An alum I’ll be, the next time I come back,
Just the thought of that, gives me a heart attack.
Can’t we travel back in time, back to freshman year?
Throw away these goodbyes, and avoid all these tears?

I don’t want to move on, just Facebook all day,
My sisters by my side, I like it better this way.
Endless parties, shacking with my “special” friend,
I still can’t believe, it’s coming to an end.

And this is how it feels…

As I leave here,
I’ll never forget,
All the times of,
Morning regret.

But that’s not,
What really matters,
It’s the bonding,
Fun, joy and laughter.

Stressing more over formals, than we did for exams,
Never heading to class, without Starbucks in hand.
How do you expect me to, leave this family,
My littles and theirs, the perfect legacy.

I’ll miss the drunken MOs, and downing wine from a box,
But not the awkwardness, of the “what are we?” talk.
Hungover Sundays, spent in the chapter room,
Reeking of regret, and last nights perfume.

And this is how it feels…

As I leave here,
I’ll never forget,
All the fratstars,
That made me upset.

But that’s not,
What really matters,
It’s the sisters,
That hurt them after.

La, la, la, la,
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
La, la, la, la,
It’s the sisters that hurt them after.

Yes I’ve made mistakes, in fact quite a bit,
I own more shack shirts, than I’d like to admit
But that doesn’t mean, I trade these years for the world,
Sharing the best moments, with even better girls.

‘Cause now there’s not just me, there’s a sorority,
A group of girls that I believe in, but actually though, I can’t even.
And we would, stay up all night joking without a care,
Why can’t it last?, why’s life so unfair?

And this is how it feels…

As I leave here,
I’ll never forget,
All the bad times,
The good times offset.

Because in the end,
That’s what matters,
The memories and people,
I’ll cherish hereafter.

So now our lives change,
Fuck it whatever,
Don’t care ‘cause I’ve got,
Sisters forever.

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Drunk but not in love

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