An ‘NSYNC Reunion Could Be What We Need To Actually Watch The Super Bowl

An 'NSYNC Reunion Could Be What We Need To Actually Watch The Super Bowl

Last week, I fell down a black hole of watching every Super Bowl halftime performance since the year 2011. These performances are extravagant. Monumental. The only good thing about watching four hours of football. I thought to myself, I wonder who will do the halftime show this year? Ed Sheeran? Rihanna? Justin Bieber? All good possibilities, until I saw a rumor flying around the internet that it could, in fact be, an ‘NSYNC reunion. Okay, so it looks like it’s only going to be Justin Timberlake. BUT! The last time we saw Justin Timberlake at the MTV VMAS, well.. you all remember.

It all began when Joey Fatone (20 years later, still haven’t gotten over the last name ‘Fatone’), put the bug in TMZ’s ear at an airport.

Listen, no one is confirming this story. But the power of the internet, people!!! Even in the video of Justin Timberlake at the VMAS, before he sings one single word, he says, “You asked for it.” And here we are, asking for it again. If we all ban together and tweet the shit out of Justin Timberlake about getting the boys back together, he’ll have no choice but to give the people what we want.

His twitter handle is @jtimberlake. You’re welcome.

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