An Ode To Your Reliable Hometown Hookup


Well here we are again, another glorious summer coming to a close. All I have to say is it wouldn’t have been the same without my reliable hometown hookup. Usually he’s the guy you shared the same high school friends with, hooked up with each other on prom instead of your own dates (no? just me?), or Snapchatted for a little while away at different schools. But eventually it dies down. Yet each break as you drive back home, you’ll receive a text from him simply asking, “what’s up?”

He probably isn’t the best hookup you’ve had, but you two are consistent and that’s what really counts. He’s familiar and fun. Within the next few weeks, you talk almost everyday, mainly through Snapchat. You hang out in groups, awaiting the moment to sneak away. It’s a thrilling, little secret. You get home around midnight, because you have that pesky curfew again, and then in the knick of time receive one of those famous lines, “hey my mom’s not home. ;)”

And there it is again. That old rush of sneaking out of my house after 11:30. You drive to his place using old, backroads from years ago. And you meet up at last after weeks of hyping it up. You string it along because if you’re being honest, you like the attention. You know he’s not getting any other action at home anyways so you’re comfortable. You walk in feeling like the only girl in the world. This feeling is hard to come by, ladies.

The night usually starts with taking a trip down memory lane, followed by a few mix drinks. After laughing for a while it gets pretty quiet and you both know what’s about to happen next. You go upstairs, to his childhood room. And for lack of better words, you do it. You look around his room for your clothes afterwards and admire his rec league basketball trophies. You watch TV on his couch for a while, and then decide it’s best if you drive home because we both have internships in the morning and truthfully, the baby pictures of him everywhere are starting to creep you out a little. Even though he were a cute, chubby kid. There are a few jokes cracked on the way out, as he gentlemanly walks you to the door, and then kisses you goodbye.

As you back down his driveway, all you can think is: see ya over fall break.

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