Are These Women Illegally Walking Around Topless In Support Of The #FreeTheNipple Campaign, Or Is It Something Much, Much Worse?


If you’re on the beach this summer and happen to catch what appears to be a topless female nearby, don’t panic. You (probably) didn’t get so blackout drunk that you wandered onto a nudist beach by mistake. No, the new feminist trend is here: nudie bikinis to make a statement for topless women everywhere.

TaTa Top

#FreeTheNipple is the hashtag created by these women who want the same right to go topless in public as men. Feminists everywhere will sport the “TaTa Top” this summer, a nude bikini top embellished with fake nipples, giving females the appearance of being completely topless from a distance. Robyn Graves and Michelle Lytle, founders of the TaTa Top, spoke up about their product on their website:

Why can’t girls be topless? If you really think about it, what’s the difference between a man’s nipples and a woman’s? Is it really just the extra breast tissue? Is it the fact that women’s nipples are paired with a vagina? Is it the presence of a real and true female nipple bare to the world that is so offensive, that is so horrid that it must be kept covered? Who is this law protecting and what are they protecting them from? What message does it send to young women about their bodies? That they should be ashamed and keep them covered?

I’m not sure that female nipples are so “horrid” and “offensive” that they should constantly be hidden away. Perhaps a little bit of modesty helps the men to control themselves in public so things actually get accomplished in society? Also, have you ever gotten a tanning bed burn on those things? Ow. I don’t think I’ll flaunt my girls in public anytime soon, but many women already are. The TaTa Top has an Instagram account, and pictures constantly go up of ladies in their faux baring it all state.

I know there’s no feeling as great as taking off your bra after a long day, but personally, I think I’ll stick with keeping my tatas (relatively) tucked away in a standard bikini this summer.

[via Huffington Post]

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